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Archive for the ‘Dan Rather’ Category

Dan Rather: A Sequel

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 10, 2010

Yesterday this Blog commented on some insensitive comments made by ex CBS newscaster, Dan Rather, which inferred that President Obama could not successfully sell “watermelons”.  (“Dan Rather; A Racist or Just Plan Dumb?”)  These comments came during an interview with fellow Lefty, Chris Matthews.  Rather has since answered half of this Blog’s question: he is dumb!  Instead of admitting an error in a straight-forward manner, Rather attempted to explain his comments with the following logic that appeared in the Huffington Post:

I was talking about Obama and health care and I used the analogy of selling watermelons by the side of the road.  It’s an expression that stretches to my boyhood roots in Southeast Texas, when country highways were lined with stands manned by sellers of all races.  Now of course watermelons have become a stereotype for African Americans and so my analogy entered a charged environment.  I’m sorry people took offense.”

Hmmmmm …..  Now to the remaining question as to whether or not Rather also a racist.

It’s curious that Progressives like Rather fancy themselves as being incapable of racism in light of their political beliefs that promote helping the needy.  At the same time, they promote a cynical view that some minorities need special treatment in order to succeed.  That sure seems like racism dressed in a Sunday suite.


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