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Archive for the ‘Crime’ Category

Philadelphia Phillies’ Taser Incident is a Deterrent

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 5, 2010

On Monday evening a 17-year old “fan” decided to run rampant through the field at a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game.  A Philadelphia policeman chased down the criminal with his Taser quickly stopping the romp with no one getting hurt.  However, the trespasser did shake a bit on the ground as a few thousand volts “reminded” him that he was breaking the law.  Probably not what he thought the response would be when he knowingly broke the law.

It didn’t take long for the Progressives to start their Liberal dribble.  The pathetic American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania said of the incident: “The officer’s response was completely out of proportion to the situation.”  For that bit of dribble, Attorney Mary Catherine Roper must be classified as a knucklehead.  When a criminal knowingly breaks the law there needs to be consequences and sometimes they need to be strong enough to act as deterrence in the future.  Let us remind Ms. Roper that in 2002 two similar trespassers attack Kansas City Royals coach Tom Gamboa at a Chicago game with Gamboa suffering partial hearing loss.

Not only did the policeman use an appropriate response Tasering the Philadelphia trespasser, but he also sent a message to other would be criminals with similar intent.  Run out on a baseball field illegally and you’re in for a bad night.  Good work officer!


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Crime Causation Theory Debunked

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 1, 2010

The 2009 report on annual crime statistics showed a significant drop.  The report was not given much media attention, possibly because it would focus attention on theories promoted by Liberals that the statistics do not support.  Heather Mac Donald earlier this year wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that helps put the dropping crime rate into perspective.

The commonly accepted theory as to the root cause of crime has been that it stems from inequities in income and social injustices.  This theory gained traction in the 1960’s and has been promoted by Progressives.  That theory helped create social policy and a social workers’ industry.

The theory has shown to be flawed by what has occurred during the ongoing recession, which according to President Obama is the worst since the Great Depression.  With 7 million jobs lost, crime should have spiked, so the theory goes.  But, instead it went down to the lowest level since the 1960’s.

The counter-intuitive direction of crime should be considered along with other counter-intuitive figures from the 1960’s and 1930’s.  As Mac Donald points out in her op-ed, during the 1960’s when massive amount of funds were being spent on the Great Society homicides rose 43%.  In addition, crime rates dropped during the Great Depression.

The cause and motivations behind of crime needs to be reevaluated.  Neither science nor social science is furthered by implementing policies based on unsupported theories.

The debunked crime theory is not the first instance of science being used and abused to further a political agenda.  Us Baby-Boomers will not only be remembered for our insatiable spending habits, but also for institutionalizing junk science.  Not the greatest of legacies!

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