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Archive for the ‘Climate Change’ Category

Al Gore Changes Climate Goalposts

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 25, 2017

Former Vice President Al Gore is one poster child of what’s wrong with Washington.  After being a career politician, Gore became very wealthy, including a stint with investment bankers Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers.  He is reportedly worth in excess of $100 million and owns mansions, as well as flies in private jets.  Not a bad gig for a public servant.

Gore has not been shy about tooting his own horn.  During a 1999 interview, Gore took credit for the development of the Internet stating: “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.”

Gore is most known for his positions on man-made global warming and climate change.  In 2006 he released the famous documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”.  It included bold predictions of imminent worldwide calamities due to climate change, stating that, “the world would reach a point of no return within 10 years” without worldwide “drastic measures” significantly diminish man-made global warming.  Given we are 11 years post Gore’s prediction, it is reasonable to ask where he went wrong.  Certainly the world has not taken drastic measures.  At best, there have been baby steps.  Therefore, either we have not yet reached the point of no return, meaning Gore was wrong, or we have passed the point of no return and further corrective actions will be ineffective.

Gore, like most Progressives who promise to save the world from imminent catastrophes, is unrepentant by his failed prediction.  He is releasing a sequel titled “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.

During a promotion for the sequel, Gore was asked in an interview: “Looking back on that prediction, why did you make the prediction at the time and are you making a new one right now given the current circumstances?”  While his answer was evasive, video below, it was also telling when he said: “Well, first of all, we’ve seen a lot of progress since the first movie came out.  We have the Paris agreement now.  The cost of renewable energy has come down so quickly that people are switching over.  Unfortunately, some elements of the Earth system have crossed a point of no return.”  First he claims some nebulous progress and then moves the goalpost by of creating multiple points of no return.

Irrespective of where one stands on the theory man-made global warming, it is evident that what Gore promotes is not science, but a neo-religious movement.  The fact that he is become wealthy off of these efforts and is a huge user of carbon-based energy, indicates a charlatan.


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John Kerry Equates the Dangers from Climate Change and Terrorism

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 24, 2016

Perhaps no one in the Obama Administration better epitomizes the loony-left then Secretary of State John Kerry.  This past week Kerry was at his “best” when he compared the dangers from terrorism with climate change.

On Thursday, Kerry attended a conference at the State Department to Counter ISIL.  Two days later he was in Vienna attending a climate change conference when he referred to both meetings saying: “It’s hard for some people to grasp it, but what you are doing here right now is of equal importance, because it has the ability literally to save life on this planet.”

As seen in the video below, Kerry first refers to the terrorist organization as ”DASH”, a term rarely used.  The need to obfuscate seems genetic with those who are supposed to be representing the People.

Then, in typical Progressive-elitist fashion, Kerry calls the American people stupid given that their concerns for safety are more focused on terrorists then climate change.  It is likely that Kerry’s lack of personal concern against terrorists emits from the fact that he is protected by armed guards 24-7.  Similarly, his wealth allows him to avoid the personal pain that is proposed policies inflict on the common man through increased cost of energy and other necessities.

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Bernie Sanders Blames Climate Change for Causing Terrorism

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 15, 2015

During the Democratic presidential candidate debate Saturday evening, Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont showed nativity to the extreme when it comes to terrorism and its causes.  When asked by the moderator whether he stuck to his previously made claim that climate change is the greatest threat to national security, Sanders answered “absolutely”.  Not satisfied to leave that bit of ignorance to stand on its own, Sanders than went on to claim: “climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.”

Let’s see, the clash between Islam and the West has been ongoing since the Crusades, which started 1,000 years ago, approximately eight centuries before the beginning of industrialization that the zealots claim is the prime cause of climate change.  For Sanders to now blame Islamic terrorism on climate change is incredulous.  More troubling is that Sanders is currently the Democrat’s second choice to be president of the United States.  That’s scary!


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Forbes Magazine Reports on Climategate 2

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 26, 2011

Challenge a believer in the theory of man-made global warming (excessive CO2 emissions) and they will likely respond by claiming that the case for cause-and-effect is closed.  They back this conclusion with the claim that most scientists are behind the theory.  While in fact many scientists do not believe the case is closed on the cause of changing global temperatures, more than half have likely signed onto the theory.

Claiming that a theory is valid based on its popularity or acceptance in the scientific community has a less than stellar history.  Before Copernicus and Galileo, nearly all of the best minds in science were sure that the sun circled the earth.

For a more recent example of the scientific community getting it wrong we need only go back about 12 years.  Then, most of the best minds in science were sure that when the year 2000 came around, computers and equipment controlled by them would go haywire, i. e. the “Y2K” crisis.  Tens, if not hundreds of billions, were spent on remedial actions throughout industrialized countries.  January 1, 2000 came and not a blip occurred.  While apologists claimed that this happy ending resulted from the remedial actions taken, the fact that Third World countries that took no corrective actions also did not have a hick-up proves the fallacy of this claim.  This modern-day example of the failure of science on Y2K issue, one that was astronomically simpler than the subject of Global Warming, should have put a halt to the lemming mentality of following the crisis of the day prognostications.  But it did not.

In addition, in what became known as Climategate, key scientists were caught fudging data in order to support the theory of man-made global warming and CO2 emissions.  This was the subject of previous postings in this Blog: Global Warming- Fraud Exposed and Climategate Scandal Grows.

Now, Forbes magazine has published an op-ed titled Climategate 2.0: New E-Mails Rock The Global Warming Debate exposing still more deceptive behavior by scientists promoting the man-made global warming theory.  At the very least this is evidence of bad science.  More likely, tells of a concerted efforts to deceive.  The motivation behind the deception is no different than what motivates Wall Street; greed and profit.  The academic community and large industrial companies have huge stakes in continued governmental spending that will dry up should the Global Warming theory be debunked.  The Solyndra debacle that cost US taxpayers over a half billion dollars is just one example of this greed being acted on.

The case for manmade global warming and CO2 emissions has not been proven and remains theoretical, based on complex, but only representative mathematical models.  If the science could be proven, there would be no need to for parties with vested interests in the outcome to fudge the data.

When faced with reasonable logic that questions the manmade/CO2 Global Warming theory, its proponents fall back on the argument the potential catastrophes from Global Warming require drastic action today.  However, the suggested actions will increase the cost of food to the point where poorer countries will face growing hunger and even starvation.  And that’s just fine for the “believers” as it would result to their real goal: redistribution of the world’s wealth.  Shame on the scientist who have bastardized science in for greed and political gain.

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Janet Incompetano Strikes Again with Another Nut Job Idea

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 20, 2010

Jim Mahoney forwarded this story from CNSNews.com. He also created the heading.  The incredible facts are brought to us by out of control Progressives.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has come up with some loony ideas in her two plus years in the Obama Administration.  This is the same Napolitano that declared the system to have worked when the underwear bomber misfired in a passenger plane over Detroit.  She is the same person who declared that TSA is working well as they fondle us going through airport screening.

Today Ms. Napolitano outdid herself.  In a day-long conference held at the White House on “environmental justice” she announced that the Homeland Security Department would create a task force charged with battling the effect on climate change.  It will be called the “Climate Change and Adaptation Task Force.

According to Napolitano, the task force will be explained “identifying and assessing the impact that climate change could have on the missions and operations of the Department of Homeland Security.”  In addition, Napolitano said:  “How will FEMA work with state and local partners to plan for increased flooding or wildfire or hurricane activity that is more serious than we’ve seen before?  What assistance can the Coast Guard bring to bear to assist remote villages in, for example, Alaska which already have been negatively affected by changes up in the Arctic?”

Joining Ms. Napolitano at the conference was White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley, EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius.  This list tells about all we need to know about the group.

Ms. Napolitano and her Department are charged with protecting America and that includes securing our borders.  Since she is incapable of executing on this rather straight-forward task, she redefines her role to one where accountability cannot be objectively measured.  How convenient.  How Progressive.


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Al Gore Admits his Position on Ethanol was Flawed

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 22, 2010

Al Gore has taken a breather from the limelight and publicity that has made him a multi-millionaire.  This is not likely due to the fact that Gore feels he has enough money.  The inconvenient truth is that life has taken some negative turns for the high-priest of the religion of manmade global warming.

Gore’s problems are both personal and professional.  On the personal side his marriage with Tipper is on the rocks.  Then there was the publicity of Al’s overactive libido with the massage therapists garnered.  There also has been publicity surrounding Gore’s excessive burning of carbon fuels in his mansions and private jet.

On the professional side, things haven’t gone much better.  Global temperatures have stopped rising and the models used to predict the impending disasters from manmade global warming have come under attack.  We had Climategate in which some of Gore’s scientific pals got caught fudging data.  Finally, the world seems to be tiring of the global warming scare tactics.

Things continue deteriorating for Al.  Today, Reuters reported that Gore admitted errors in his decision to back ethanol as an additive for gasoline.  While speaking at a green energy business conference in Athens sponsored by Marfin Popular Bank, Gore said:

  • It is not a good policy to have these massive subsidies for (U.S.) first generation ethanol.”
  • First generation ethanol I think was a mistake.  The energy conversion ratios are at best very small.”
  • One of the reasons I made that mistake is that I paid particular attention to the farmers in my home state of Tennessee, and I had a certain fondness for the farmers in the state of Iowa because I was about to run for president.”

This is remarkable.  Here Gore admits that not only was his decision relating to ethanol wrong, but it was motivated for personal, i.e. to further his desire to become president.

While Gore admitted the error of his ethanol decision, he ignores the damages that his position had on the greater society.  Ethanol is made from extracted sugar from corn and requires substantial energy to produce.  It is not a viable source of fuel without government subsidies.  Last past year total ethanol subsidies in the United States was about $7.7 billion.  This subsidy is nothing more than a political and financial giveback to the farming industry.  It is in keeping with other government payola relating to the “green” energy industry.

Just as problematic as the government handouts to farmers is the negative impact ethanol has had on feeding the world’s hunger population.  Given its corn-based origin, every corncob used for fuel production is one less available for food production.  As Reuters reported, ethanol will consume about 41 percent of the U.S. corn crop this year equaling about 15 percent of the global corn grown.  This fact has significantly increased food prices worldwide, affecting world hunger rates and undoubtedly increased deaths by starvation.

The negative consequences of Gore and fellow Progressives’ interventions into the energy markets has been catastrophic.  It has wasted billions and led to hunger, malnutrition and possibly starvation in the third world.  It is time to hold Progrssives accountable for the results of their policies.  It’s time for the world to recognize Al Gore as the fraud that he is.

Let’s finish by adding insult to injury.  Al Gore likely got paid to admit the errors of his ways at the Athens’ conference.

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Environmental Fear-mongering at a New Low

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 18, 2010

The promoters of the theory of manmade global warming are willing to go to great lengths to prove their case.  However, this often does not include a discussion of the facts or real science.  They don’t allow themselves to get confused with the facts.

Last Friday one global warming evangelist took their illogic and stupidity to a new level.  Congressman Nick Rahall, Democrat from West Virginia, when asked a question about climate change said the following:

“Climate change –  to deny it exists, to just put your head in the sand and, ‘oh no, it doesn’t exist, what are you talking about,’ is about like standing on the floor of Macy’s during the month of December and claiming Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Come on, get real. There are responsible coal operators who work with us and continue to work with us, not only on climate change, but safety is another example.”

This Blog is not going to be the one to burst Mr. Rahall’s bubble on Santa Claus, so there will be no further comment on his unintelligible statement.  At the same time, Mr. Rahall is fortunate that he is not a good-looking woman with an “R” behind his name.  Otherwise some might question his intellectual capabilities.

This story might be humorous if it wasn’t for the fact that knuckleheads like Rahall are making this country’s polices and signing our checkbook.

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Violent Environmentalists’ Video Blows Up Young Skeptics

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 5, 2010

A well-known environment group from London called 10:10 with high-powered corporate sponsors released a video in support of its cause that is nothing less than despicable.  The video graphically depicts the blowing up of school children who show skepticism to their religion of global warming.  While the video is gruesome enough that it could be argued it should not be shown here, it is that gruesomeness that demands its showing so that we understand the violent tendencies of some that are on the climate Jihad and so it is included below.

The good news is that the backlash that started immediately after the video aired and was intense enough that its promoters pulled it from British networks.  However,  its creator, a well-known screenwriter, is unapologetic stating: “With climate change becoming increasingly threatening, and decreasingly talked about in the media, we wanted to find a way to bring this critical issue back into the headlines whilst making people laugh.”

What a remarkable statement.  Who in their right mind would laugh at children being blown up?  Is the science behind the climate-Jihadist so poor that they must resort to grotesque tactics?

This is not the first time the climate Jihadists have resorted to outrageous videos or claims against those that disagree with their thesis.  As reported by watchmannewsletter.typepad.com, the list is extensive and includes:

  • In 2006, the eco-rag Grist called for Nuremberg-style trials for manmade climate change skeptics.
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said of of skeptics in 2007: “This is treason.  And we need to start treating them as traitors.”  In 2009 Kennedy  called coal companies “criminal enterprises” and suggested jail for their CEO’s.
  • NASA’s James Hansen called for trials of climate skeptics in 2008 for “high crimes against humanity”.
  • In 2009 Joe Romm, former Clinton Administration official, suggested global warming skeptics be “strangled in the beds”.

The 10:10 video was not a creation of amateurs and included former X-Filer Gillian Anderson’s voice.  Had such tactics been used by the Right to promote one of their pet themes, the mainstream media would have rightfully shown their indignation and publicized this violent streak on the nightly news.  But here again the Left gets a pass for unacceptable and potentially violent behavior.

Unbelievably, there is something worse than 10:00’s actual video.  In a behind-the-scenes outtake of the film’s production (shown below), one of the child “actors” is interviewed covered in fake blood stating: “I think it is fine to explode children for a good cause.”  This sounds eerily similar of statement made by the Hitler Youth a bit more than a half of century before.

A question for diehard Progressives: Does Sarah Palin really scare you more than these folks?

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Where are the Global Warming Scammers Hiding?

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 18, 2010

For much of the past decade Progressives have been warning us about the looming catastrophe coming from manmade climate change; Global Warming.  According to the Progressives, the catastrophe would be so huge that the world should risk their economies, even if that meant trillions of dollars and would impact food production.

Since the New Year, the Progressives have seemed to lose their appetite for the Global Warming gig.  We must take this as an admission that the scare was overblown.  Clearly the facts have impeded their sales pitch.  First, the inconvenient truth got out that the world had not been warming during the first decade of this century.  Then, we had Climate-Gate with leading scientists fudging data to make the warming look more significant than it really was.  Next, we learned that the United Nations report claiming the Himalayan glaciers would completely melt by 2035 was false.  To cap all this nonsense off there was that mega carbon-burning conference in Copenhagen, Denmark last December that ended with no accomplishments; i.e. the Progressives in each country arguing on next steps.  Where is Al Gore hiding?

The Global Warming scare was not created because of science.  Progressives used it to: 1) obtain more power for governments, 2) scare the world to help implement their plan for redistributing wealth, worldwide; and 3) plan old fashion greed.  Large corporations and individuals stood to make a lot of money selling “green” gear and trading carbon credits.

Events of recent months served to remind us that man is not as in control of the earth as Progressives preach in their religion of climate change.  We had major earthquakes in Haiti and China, for which the world was ill-prepared.  The Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland popped its top sending derby into the atmosphere.  While the initial effect was the disruption of air traffic in Europe, should it send enough dust into the atmosphere this could lead to extensive global cooling.  That would probably be just fine with the Progressives who would then start a new scam.

The Global Warming scam came from the same folks that gave us the Y2K scam, as well as other.  The motives behind these “catastrophe scams” are no more noble than those of the bankers that gave us the economic meltdown of 2008.  There is a difference:  our government is prosecuting Goldman Sachs (and soon others) for the financial scams, but not the scammers that gave us Global Warming.

There is a connection between the financial and Global Warming scammers that brings a bit of irony to this story.  Goldman Sachs and financial giant General Electric were big backers of the Global Warming scam, as they stood to make billions trading carbon credits and selling green gear.  The Progressives would have you believe that when these corporations are on the Global Warming gig they are acting in our best interest.  You have got to love their gall!

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GE Gets the Green by Going Green; Dwight Eisenhower Warned Us

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 11, 2009

General Electric has been awarded a $1.4 billion contract to supply turbines (windmill generators) for the world’s largest wind-farm in Oregon, USA.  GE will installed 338 turbines in 2011 and 2012, as well as supply 10 years of maintenance on them.  Going green has enabled GE to get the green.

GE estimates that the wind-farm will have a capacity of 845 megawatts, enough to supply power for about 230,000 homes.  This is about 85% of the power capacity of a nuclear power plant.

Whether or not you buy into the theory of man-made global warming, producing renewable energy is good for the country, assuming it is accomplished at prices that do not rob assets from other important areas, such as food or medicine.  At the same time the huge amount of money involved with renewable energy and the entire “green” movement raises the caution flag.  When parts of the economy are managed by non-economic criteria, such as government mandates or a “do-gooder” mentality, unintended consequences occur and often they lead to bad things.

In the “green industry”, huge companies and portions of the academic science community stand to make  billions based on people buying into the man-made global warming theory.  This creates an environment whereby greed hinders decision-making and science.  Such was the case with certain proponents of the theory of man-made global warming that were recently exposed for fudging data to strengthen their conclusions.  Not very scientific! Read the rest of this entry »

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