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Archive for the ‘Class Warfare’ Category

Ed Asner and California Teachers Union Take Class Warfare to New heights

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 7, 2012

The California teachers union has produced a disgusting piece of propaganda in cartoon form.  It includes a vicious attack on Americans with wealth.  During one point the video shows a wealthy person actually peeing on a less well-to-do person.  The intent of the message is clear; the only way to become wealthy in America is by taking unfair advantage of others.  Further, any person who has not obtained wealth or security in the United States is in this predicament due to the devious actions of others.

The California teachers’ union video is reminiscent of propaganda used in repressive regimes of the past such as the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.  In addition to being divisive for American society, being promoted by those that are supposed to be responsible for teaching young Americans is downright frightening.

When questioned by a reporter concerning his role in the propaganda video, Asner was unrepentant.  First, he indicated that he can recall what was in the video.  Then, after asking the reporter if he had any money, Asner responded: “Can I piss on you?”

The fact that the Ed Asner’s and Michael Moore’s of the world are so wealthy themselves shows just how disingenuous and greedy the elitist Hollywood leftists have become.


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Obama Mimicking Nixon

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 23, 2012

This Blog has previously proffered the view that President Barack Obama shows similarities to some rather distasteful characteristics of President Richard Nixon.  This subject was included a posting dated October 26, 2010 titled Obama, Like Nixon, Calls Political Opponents “Enemies.  This past weekend, columnist Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe wrote a piece with the same conclusion.

Jacoby reminds us that during 1968 presidential campaign, Nixon used a slogan “Bring us Together“.  After being elected, Nixon showed a darker side that included using VP Spiro Agnew as his attack dog, dirty tricks, plumbers, and similar to Obama, had an enemies list.

Barack Obama campaigned on the promise of bringing red and blue states together and to take us to a post-racial society.  His eloquent words included: “Let us resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.”  Like Nixon, these words were hollow.  When it comes to race, class, party affiliation and more, Obama has broken Americans into opposing subsets.  Jacoby points to examples that include the following Obamaisms:

  • Let’s have dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance” referring to Republican proposals.
  • Punish our enemies and … reward our friends” in and Obama speech to Latino voters.
  • I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth“, stoking the flames of class warfare.

Obama supporters can claim many things about the President they elected.  Two attributes they cannot claim are unifier or bipartisanship.

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Professor Warren Promoting Obama’s Class Warfare

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 28, 2011

Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Law school professor, is the Democrat running for a U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts in 2012.  She was hand-picked by the Obama Administration to make this run for the seat previously held by the Kennedys for decades.  That Senate seat is currently held by Republican Scott Brown elected in a special election.

Prior to making the run for the Senate, Warren was nominated by President Obama to run the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created under the Dodd Frank financial reform.  However, there was much resistance to Warren in the Senate and the nomination was pulled.  As the video posted below shows, she is divisive with radical leftist views similar to other associates of Barack Obama.

While meeting voters last month, Warren made a pitch right out of Barack Obama’ s textbook on class warfare that included the following rant:

“There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own.  Nobody!  You built a factory out there – good for you!  But I want to be clear:  You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for.  You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate.  You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for.  You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory and hire someone to protect against this because of work the rest of us did. Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific or a great idea – God bless.  Keep a big hunk of it.  But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”  [Emphasis added]

Warren’s repeated use of the phrase that “the rest of us paid for” is rhetoric that does not reflect reality with nearly 50% of American households paying no income tax.  Her suggestion that Americans funnel more money through a government that just squandered one half billion of taxpayer dollars through green energy company Solyndra is outrageous.  Yet Warren proffers these positions with incredibly strong emotions, which is curious given past failures of government interventions.

With the failure of Progressive policies since Obama’s election, Democrats are seemingly devoid of new ideas.  This has led to Leftists politicians from the President on down resorting to emotional talking points and name-calling that include class warfare.  Such demagoguery is divisiveness and damaging to America.  The significant economic challenges that America faces cannot be addressed with a country divided.  Apparently for Ms. Warren, personal political fortunes trump the Country’s need.

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Wealthy Obama Supporter Ted Leonsis has Buyer’s Remorse

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 27, 2011

Ted Leonsis came from humble beginnings to become a high-level executive at AOL where he made his fortune.  He is currently CEO and majority owner of Monumental Sports & Entertainment that owns three professional sports teams; the Washington Capitals (NHL), the Washington Wizards (NBA) and the Washington Mystics (WNBA).  Leonsis also owns significant real estate holdings in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Leonsis, like many wealthy Americans, has been a supporter of Barack Obama.  In fact he has stated that he donated to the President the maximum amount allowed by law.  This week he published an open letter on his blog (posted below) that put an end to that support.

In his letter titled Class Warfare – Yuck!, Leonsis takes the President to task for his divisive rhetoric that is creating a rift between Americans in different economic categories stating, ” This is a bad move all designed by some pollster who said this is the way to get votes during the re-election.  It should be stopped.  We should be healing and creating teams NOT dividing and pitting people against one another.”

On paying more taxes, Leonsis says what many Americans believe: “I pay taxes.  I am willing to pay even more taxes but I would want accountability that the money was being spent wisely on infrastructure investments; education and retraining; and anything that makes us more competitive and gets people working again.  That seems fair doesn’t it?

Leonsis’s letter expresses great frustration and disappointment with Barack Obama.  It is an eye-opening look on how successful and bright America’s got sucked in by the personal magnetism of Barack Obama, without concern for the substance behind the man

Glaringly missing from Leonsis’s letter was any admission of his mistake in judgment and culpability in helping bring Obama to power.  It was naïve of Leonsis and others to expect this man to bring the Country together.  Obama’s resume was well known prior to the election.  It indicated a total lack of the executive skills.  In addition, Obama’s myriad of associations with radical Leftists who held American capitalism and capitalists in disdain was well publicized.

To Ted Leonsis is should be said: better late than never.  It will take significant efforts to bring the Country together, a requirement before tackling in the serious economic problems we face.  Unfortunately, the Country will have to wait for a new president before adressing on this pressing matter.

Class Warfare – Yuck!

Let me get this on the record.

My dad was a waiter.  My mom was a secretary. Neither attended college.  I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and Lowell, Massachusetts.  I attended public schools.  My parents – in their best year – earned $31,000 combined.  My dad worked for tips – often received in change – as he worked a counter for breakfast and lunch at a diner.  My dad, too, once lost his job. I remember the angst in our household.

I attended Georgetown University which at the time wasn’t a need blind school via college loans. I paid them all back five years after I graduated.

I have great empathy for middle class or lower middle class America.  My horizons as a young adult were not expansive.  I was programmed to be a produce department manager at a grocery store in my neighborhood.  That was my dad’s aspiration for me.  I would have been proud to work hard to become a leader in a grocery store and I bet I would have been good at it, too . By luck and hard work, my career took a different path.

I say this as I read all of the rhetoric about Class Warfare, the rift that is being created between economic middle and lower class and as the President said “those millionaires and billionaires.”

The real rift in philosophy though is do you want the Government to create jobs and stimulate the economy or do you want America’s small business to be the engine of growth?

Economic Success has somehow become the new boogie man; some in the Democratic party are now casting about for enemies and business leaders and anyone who has achieved success in terms of rank or fiscal success is being cast as a bad guy in a black hat.  This is counter to the American Dream and is really turning off so many people that love American and basically carry our country on their back by paying taxes and by employing people and creating GDP.

This is a bad move all designed by some pollster who said this is the way to get votes during the re-election.  It should be stopped.  We should be healing and creating teams NOT dividing and pitting people against one another.

I know the President isn’t speaking to me specifically when he talks but many times I hear stuff and I cringe personally.  As a friend told me the other day who lives in China, “Every time your President talks of late, it costs us billions in market cap and in confidence in your country and your economy.”  Why do we devalue success in the US when the rest of the world is trying to emulate what we have created as an economic system?

So for fun:  I take the Acela train to Philly and NYC all of the time.  Alone – no traveling companions to prep me.  I have never seen our President on the train, have you?  I own 50 hours on NetJets for the rare occasion I do travel by private plane.  Does Air Force One charter out?  Stop making private planes an issue.  This is a tiny issue for us to deal with for our country.

I do have a nice home with a house keeper.  I have only one home.  I bet there is more staff at the White House though?  And Camp David.  What kind of real estate tax is the White House paying?  Nice jewelry here. Click away.  Stop it.  Upgrade the discourse.

With my investments and board seats and companies that I own, I am at a leadership position in concerns that employ more than 200,000 people.  We do our best to be good corporate citizens.  I know in the companies that I own personally or am the largest shareholder that we support now more than 500 charities.  We care.  Pick some business leaders that you work with and make them heroes.  Don’t demonize them.  Showcase them as great Americans that care and hire and employ people.  Employment is the biggest issue you will face when re-election comes.  If people aren’t working, they will blame you and your administration.  And since you have never worked before in a real job for a real company, you need help from people who have been there.  Don’t push them away!

I pay taxes.  I am willing to pay even more taxes but I would want accountability that the money was being spent wisely on infrastructure investments; education and retraining; and anything that makes us more competitive and gets people working again.  That seems fair doesn’t it?

I voted for our President.  I have maxed out on personal donations to his re-election campaign.  I forgot his campaign wants to raise $1 billion.  THAT is a lot of money–money–money–money!  Money still talks.  It blows my mind when I am asked for money as a donation at the same time I am getting blasted as being a bad guy!

Someone needs to talk our President down off of this rhetoric about good vs. evil; about two classes and math.

Our country was founded on the premise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.  Is anyone happy right now with all of this?

Hit a reset button ASAP.

Rethink how to talk to businesses and sell business leaders on your plan to make America great!

Many of us want to be a part of the solution.  We aren’t the problem.

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