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Senator Chuck Schumer Doesn’t Know the Three Branches of the U.S. Government

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 31, 2011

The amazing video clip below was sent in by reader Jim Mahoney.  Chuck Schumer, Democrat Senator from New York was being interviewed by on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday and pontificated as to how America’s three branches of government are the House, Senate, and president.  Simply remarkable.

The next time a Leftist moonbat goes after Palin’s or Bachmann’s I.Q. for making a gaff, they should be asked how it stacks up to this one by Schumer.  If they make excuses for Schumer it could only because they have an anti-feminist bias (grin).

CANDY CROWLEY, HOST:  Let me turn you to domestic policy because it is budget season.  It is time to raise the debt ceiling.  Otherwise the U.S. is going to lose its ability to pay its debts.  Where do you see this fight going now?  Because, basically, we have a very determined bunch of Republicans right now, particularly on the House side, saying, no way we’re going to raise this debt ceiling until we start doing some cutting.

CHUCK SCHUMER:  Well, there’s even a problem before the debt ceiling.  On March 4th, the government funding resolution expires.  And it seems that a lot of Republicans in the House want to risk a shutdown of the government if they don’t absolutely get their way.

That was a mistake when Newt Gingrich tried it in 1995.  It will be a bigger mistake now.  It’s really playing with fire because, if they were to shut down the government, not only would horrible things happen like an inability of people to get Social Security checks, you can’t fund the military, but ultimately, it risks the credit markets.

They are getting wary because of the large debt we have, which we have to get down, but if they feel that people are willing to shut down the government, you could risk the credit markets really losing some confidence in the United States Treasury, and that could create a deeper recession than we had over the last several years – God forbid, even a depression.

So I would urge my Republican colleagues, no matter how strongly they feel – you know, we have three branches of government.  We have a House.  We have a Senate.  We have a president. And all three of us are going to have to come together and give some, but it is playing with fire to risk the shutting down of the government, just as it is playing with fire to risk not paying the debt ceiling.



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