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Archive for the ‘Chris Matthews’ Category

Chris Matthews Going Positive on Tea Party

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 12, 2014

The incompetency of the Obama presidency has been a sad, if not interesting story to watch.  During the early days the Administration’s blunders that included Solyndra crony capitalism, lack of follow-through on the BP oil spill and the Benghazi debacle, Obama’s Leftist allies including those in the mainstream media either ignored the issues or blamed them on “phony conspiracies” created by opponents

With the culmination of one crisis after another that have included the IRS targeting political opponents, the VA hospital catastrophe, the ill-advised and ill handled Bergdahl for terrorists exchange, and now the potential disintegration of Iraq, even some of Obama’s staunchest allies are starting to waiver.  No more is this evident then with Leftist and former ardent Obama supporter MSNBC news commentator Chris Matthews.

In yet another sign that Matthews has become disenchanted with the incompetence of the Left in Washington, Matthews made some unusually positive comments about the Tea Party and conservative congressional candidate David Brat who recently defeated Congressman Eric Cantor in the Republican primary.  Matthews’ comments included:

Well, first of all, I don’t think you can assume that the liberals are smarter than the conservative professors.  I think that’s crazy talk like that and it’s exactly the kind of attitude conservatives can’t stand. I don’t know which professor is more popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s a better professor, first of all.” [When asked about Brat and his intellectual skills during the interview.]

Secondly, I was listening to Brat last night, I listened to him today, I think he’s very sophisticated for a politician.  He’s certainly up to the ranks in most politicians I’ve ever dealt with.  He speaks in a speculative manner, in an intellectual manner, he can handle any debate on this program or my program.”

So this looking down our noses at Tea Party people has got to stop.  They have a message, they are as American as any liberal is, and they are really angry at the failure of the system.”

Matthews is unusually on target and concluded that “…  looking down our noses at Tea Party people has got to stop.”  Translation: The Left’s grand experiment of the past six years that included significant growth in an already expansive government has failed.  This will likely lead to a strong political reaction in the other direction and the American Left better accept it.


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Chris Matthews Attacks Obama’s Taliban Prisoner Exchange

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 8, 2014

During Barack Obama’s run for his first term as president, one of his early and most vocal supporters in the mainstream media was ultra-leftist and MSNBC host Chris Matthews.  One of Matthews’ more infamous comments was after listening to Obama indicated that he got a “thrill up my leg”.  Demonstrating just how low this President’s approval has gone, even Matthews is jumping ship.

While the seeds of discontent from Matthews has been brewing for some time, Obama’s decision to trade five of the worst Taliban terrorists in exchange for one US POW, Bowe Bergdahl’s, who it is reported deserted his post, has Matthews all lathered up, as seen in the video clips below.

Watch out Chris.  You are likely to be demonized as just another part of the right-wing conspiracy.  Now that’s justice!

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Chris Matthews Takes Off on Administration’s Benghazi Actions

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 30, 2013

Another example of Barack Obama losing his backing from the mainstream media is included in the video below.  Hard Left reporter and Obama supporter, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, takes off after the Obama Administration’s lack of response and transparency concerning the Benghazi attack that occurred over one year ago in which four Americans, including the ambassador, were killed.

During the interview of former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb, Matthews asks: “Where were the people that could’ve come or tried to get there within how many hours it took to save the lives of the people still living?  Where were they and why weren’t they called to do it?  I’m going to ask that question until I get an answer.”  These questions have been on the minds of many Americans for over a year.  However when asked, Obama responds by calling such questions a witch-hunt in search of a false scandal.  The fact that unapologetic Obama supporter Matthews is now asking the questions is a telling sign for this president.

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Chris Mathews Race-Baiting Meltdown

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 5, 2013

In late August the 50th anniversary celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s march on Washington DC was held in that same city.  It was a remarkable celebration of one of the most significant American events of the 20th century.  The celebration was even more meaningful given that it was crowned by a speech from Barrack Obama, the first African American president of the United States.  Certainly Dr. King’s civil rights movement was partly responsible for the Obama presidency.  Certainly the Obama presidency is one indication of just how far America has traveled in 50 years.

There are some on the Left that chose to use the MLK 50 celebration to further nefarious agendas including MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews.  Since Obama hit the national political scene Mathews has taken nearly any discussion concerning the man back to the color of his skin.  This racist tactic was not created out of stupidity, but instead in an effort to protect Obama from the tough requirement of discussing/debating issues.

The video below shows Matthews at his worst.  In this five minute rant Mathews accuses any who disagree with the President’s Leftists policies of doing so due to racist motivations.  How preposterous.  Most who oppose Obama’s policies were just as vehement in their opposition to Bill Clinton’s policies.  More recently the British and most of America’s allies have announced opposition to Obama’s plans to attack Syria.  Given Matthew’s lame logic this opposition must be racially motivated.  How about the unions’ opposition to Obamacare?  Is this motivated by racism?

50 years after MLK’s march on Washington racism remains an unfortunate part of American, but significantly lessened.  However, on the rise is an industry that makes a living on race-baiting and stoking the fires of problems that do not exists.  In the case of Mathews, not only is he paid to stoke these flames, but his tactics are used to shut down debate on issues that need discussion.

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Chris Matthews Yells at Obama After Debate

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 8, 2012

It was only four years ago that MSNBCs Leftist commentator, Chris Matthews, so infamously said of Barack Obama: “I have to tell you, you know, it’s part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama’s speech.  My, I felt this thrill going up my leg.  I mean, I don’t have that too often.”

Well, it seems that Chris’s thrill is gone.  The video posted below of Chris Matthews’ rant after the Obama-Romney debate is remarkable, not only in its vitriol for the President’s performance, but also the raw emotion shown by Matthews.  It looks like Obama’s pals in the mainstream media are getting ready to throw him under the bus.

In another video posted below, former VP Al Gore, looking a bit plump, came up with a novel excuse for Obama’s poor debate performance, Colorado’s higher altitude.  Gore has gone from global warming expert to altitude expert.  Oh boy!

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Newt Gingrich Turns Race Baiting Back on MSNBC’s Chris Matthews

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 28, 2012

Ultra-leftist newscaster Chris Matthews seems to require multiple bumps on the head to get it.  Yesterday this Blog posted Chris Matthews Freaks Out on Television including a video of Matthews melting down over the weekend in a discussion with Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus.  Today Matthews tried to take on former Republican Congressman Newt Gingrich and took another verbal beating as a result.

During the interview, Matthews took the often used Leftists tact of race baiting, accusing Republicans of racism in disagreements with Barack Obama and his policies.  As shown in the video below, Gingrich appropriately turned the table accusing Matthews of using the race issue.  Also below is a written recount of the exchange.

While not surprising that Matthews is a partisan Leftists, his emotional meltdowns indicate desperation and his sense of the failure of the Obama Presidency.  No longer is Matthews feeling a “thrill going up” his leg.

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Chris Matthews Freaks Out on Television

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 27, 2012

This morning ultra-leftist news MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews totally lost it on the Morning Joe show.  In a discussion on politics Matthews took off after Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, as seen in the video below.

There are two conclusions that can be derived from the video.  First, Matthews is totally unprofessional as a newscaster.  In addition, given that Matthews is an ardent supporter of Barack Obama, his TV meltdown is another indication that the Left is starting to see the handwriting on the wall.  The unqualified man they help put in the White House will likely be a one term president.

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Chris Matthews Again Makes a Jackass of Himself

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 27, 2012

Ultra Leftist commentator from MSNBC, Chris Matthews, has once again proven why he has been the butt of many jokes.  His infamy began during the 2008 presidential election when he said: “I have to tell you, you know, it’s part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama’s speech.  My, I felt this thrill going up my leg.  I mean, I don’t have that too often.”  Besides showing a bias that was outrageous even for the mainstream media, it showed how few thrills Matthews must have has during his life.

Matthews was recently questioned by C-SPAN’s Steve Scully about the thrill quote.  After Scully read the quote he asked Matthews if the thrill for Obama remains today and specifically requested a yes or no answer to the question.  Matthews did not answer the question, but instead went on to attack Scully stating: “Perhaps I shouldn‘t have said so because I’ve given a lot of jackasses the chance to talk about it.”  Then to make sure that his attack on Scully was complete, Matthew and: “I hope that you feel satisfied that you‘ve used the most obvious question that is raised by every horse’s ass right-winger I ever bump into.”

Matthews reaction is telling.  Typical of the radical Left, when Matthews is questioned on his statement his response is to claim that anyone who raises the issue to be a jackass or a right-winger.  If Matthews wants to understand what a jackass really looks like, a mirror would be the appropriate tool.

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Chris Matthews Flunks on Jeopardy

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 21, 2012

Obnoxious Leftist journalist from MSNBC, Chris Matthews, likes to project himself as an intellect with broad knowledge on world topics. Matthews recently tested his intellect on the Jeopardy game show.  As the video clip below shows, the real Chris Matthews isn’t quite as intelligent as a persona he attempts to project on Hardball.

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Chris Matthews Throws “Grand Wizard “Dart Michael Steele

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 24, 2012

On Tuesday, former GOP chairman Michael Steele was interviewed by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.  Matthews started losing it as he attempted to paint Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a radical conservative.  Steele would have none of that and held his ground.  In frustration, Matthews resorted to a common theme of the Left; pull out the race card.

After claiming Romney was a “flat eather”, Steele took Matthews the task, which then led Matthews to the race card referring to Republican party as the “Grand Wizard crowd“.  Steele, an African-American, clearly took offense to this ludicrous claim with the following exchange then occurring.

Steele – “I resent that.  What is this ‘grand wizard’ nonsense?”

Matthews – “I should say the far-right party.”

Steele – “Are you saying that we’re the Ku Klux Klan?  Give me a break.  Don’t go there with me on that”.

Matthews –  “Okay.  Great. Good.  Thank you.  There’s none of those problems over there.  All those birthers out there.”

The Left’s use of the race card and political correctness will be viewed by history as the McCarthyism of the new millennium.  President Obama will similarly be judged harshly for what borders on fascist behavior.

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