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Archive for the ‘Bureaucracy’ Category

Obama Administration Poorly Vets Cybersecurity Appointee

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 20, 2011

The Obama Administration added another incompetent to its list of poorly vetted appointees for a government post.  This one may outdo the Van Jones debacle.

A new agency called U.S. Cyber Command has been set up to defend the Country against cyber attacks.  The Obama Administration in May hired Laura Callahan for a position within that agency.  However, Ms. Callahan has a tainted past, to say the least.

  • During the Clinton Administration, Callahan was White House computer supervisor while thousands of emails covered under federal subpoenas inadvertently disappeared.
  • Callahan was also forced to resign in 2004 from Homeland Security after it was learned that she lied on her resume.  Her supposed diplomas were bought from a diploma mill.

While the Obama Administration has shown special talents when it comes to incompetence, the rehiring of Ms. Laura Callahan was likely the result of inbreeding and special privileges offered those inside the government’s hiring system.  When such incompetence occurs in the private sector, only the company and its owners are damaged.  Bureaucrats not only damage the Country, but they just keep coming back and taking.


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EPA Ignores Effect on Employment in its Studies

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 18, 2011

The video clip below forwarded by a reader is an incredible example of government’s disregard for the well-being of the People they are suppose to work for, as well as incompetence.  In the clip, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Assistant Administrator  is being grilled last week by Colorado Congressman Cory Gardner of the Environment and Energy subcommittee.  The Congressman asked Stanislaus if the EPA was complying with a presidential executive order that required them to consider how a directive from the EPA might affect jobs.  After much fumbling Stanislaus admitted that “we have not directly taken a look at jobs in the proposal.”

When viewing the video one is left with two stark choices concerning Stanislaus.  Either he is completely ignorant or he understood that he was caught by the Congressman disobeying an executive order.  The later is likely given that he obtained a degree in Chemical Engineering..

Career bureaucrats and political appointees have no concern for the real world in which the People must survive.  They focus on their narrow fields of interest, which often are opposed to the good of the People and in conflict with other bureaucrats’ fields of interest.

Stanislaus’s lack of accountability is not surprising given his background as an environmental lawyer who never had to concern himself with turning a profit or paying workers’ salaries and benefits.  This lack of real-world experience is typical of Obama appointees.

Mathy Stanislaus’s narrow focus and lack of accountability is typical of career bureaucrats.  They are so deeply intertwined with the government that the only way to expunge them from Washington is to cut the budgets of every department of the Federal government.  At least at the end of that carnage there would be less of these bureaucrats getting paid for work that so often damages the People for whom they suppose to be working for.  Think this conclusion is a bit harsh?  Hold your comments until after watching the video.

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Unemployment Numbers Don’t Add Up.

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 4, 2011

January’s unemployment numbers were released today by the government.  One headline was great.  CNN reported that the unemployment rate decreased from 9.4% to 9.0%, the lowest rate in about two years.  But digging under the covers tells a different story.

At about the same time, the New York Times related headline was: “Weather Affects Unemployment Report as Only 36,000 Jobs Added Last Month”.  It further reported the comments of OppenheimerFunds’ chief economist Jerry Webman who said: “We’re not creating jobs as fast as you’d like to see to sustain an economic virtual circle.”  Translation: not enough jobs are being created for any type of growth in the Country’s economy.

Looking at the raw numbers shows a conflict between the decrease of .4% announced for January, but with only 36,000 new jobs being added.   There are currently about 155,000,000 (155 mil.) Americans in the workface.  That indicates that about 155,000 new jobs are needed to be created for every .1% decrease in the unemployment rate, or about 620,000 new jobs for a .4% decrease.

The government excuses the huge discrepancy in the two numbers by various accounting tricks.  For example, they do not counting those that have been unemployed for so long that they have become discouraged and are no longer searching for employment.  It is likely that most third-graders would not buy into that lame logic.

It is evident that the government is ginning the figures.  The motivations behind this are many, but few of these are for the good of the People.  As Thomas Jefferson said: “When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property.”

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Democrats Create New Agency; Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 27, 2010

As part of the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul bill passed in July, a new agency will be created by the Democrats, the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.  Sounds wonderful?

Unfortunately, the government’s track record for intervening in the economy and regulating it has been one of failure.  These interventions often create greater problems than those they were designed to resolve.  It is ironic that Congressman Barney Frank is a force behind the creation of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.  This same Congressman was also a force that allowed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to loosen up on their lending criteria, a primary factor behind the economic mess that created the credit card problems that is to now be addressed by the new agency.  Wow!

Ms. Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Law School professor with expertise in contract law, has been chosen by President Obama to set up this new agency.  While her credentials are lofty, they hardly qualify her for a position more related to economics.  In addition, Obama named Warren to an advisory position instead of as a Director to avoid having her go through the usual Senate confirmation process.  So much for transparency.  No, Obama chose Warren for political reasons, i.e. she is a fellow liberal who shares the President’s dislike for business.

President Obama’s response to any challenge that the Country faces is eerily similarly to the methods of failed President Jimmy Carter; increase the bureaucracy and size of goventment.  The Department of Energy created by Carter is a prime example of this lame approach.  It was instituted in August 1977 to lessen America’s dependence on foreign oil.  Let’s judge its results:

  • The 2010 budget for this failed agency is $24.2 billion.
  • It has 16,000 federal employees and thousand of contract employees.
  • In 1977, 30% of America’s oil consumption was from foreign imports.  Today it is 70%.

This is a grotesque example of the government’s inability to solve systemic problems Read the rest of this entry »

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