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Archive for the ‘Authors Bio’ Category

Author’s Bio

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 18, 2009

Author’s Biographical Information

Given this Blog’s purpose, personal information about the author is not crucial in exploring the topics to beSM Photo 7-09discussed.  At the same time, opinions need be considered in the context of the author’s background and the ambiance from where his experiences come from.  For that reason I include brief biographical information.

The Author was raised in a medium-size city of Allentown, Pennsylvania.  During his early years the Allentown area was fairly affluent and well-known for its large manufacturing companies including Bethlehem Steel, Western Electric and Mack Trucks.  Today, only Mack Truck survives, but as only a shadow of what it once was.

I am a “baby-boomer” who went through the Allentown public school systems and graduated from Penn State University’s business school in 1975.  After graduation, I joined Allen Organ Company, then a public company that was started by my father, Jerome Markowitz.

In 1991, I was appointed president of Allen Organ Company and remain in that position today.  Allen manufactures electronic organs whose products can be found in installations throughout the world.  In addition to the organ business, during the mid-1990’s we organically grew an electronics subcontract assembly business called “AIA” that remains a key part of our business today.  Also, in the mid 1990, we purchased a small Datacom company and built it from approximately $4 mil. to about $65mil. in sales before divesting it about 10-years later.  During this divestiture, the family also took the organ and subcontract businesses private.

I have been married for over 25 years and have two children, one currently attending law school and the other graduate school for Speech Therapy.


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