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Archive for the ‘Abortion’ Category

Massachusetts’ Buffer Law Rebuked by the Supreme Court

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 4, 2014

A Massachusetts law barred citizens from protesting within 35 feet of abortion clinics in the State.  The Supreme Court has appropriately struck down this law as it clearly violated the First Amendment (free-speech) of the Constitution.  It is telling that Supreme Court acted unanimously with even its four liberal members including three women finding the law unconstitutional.

It is bad enough that Massachusetts made an unconstitutional law clearly to inhibit free speech.  However, the reaction to the ruling from some on the left in the Bay State is just in trouble.  Its Atty. Gen. Martha Coakley has responded saying that “this fight is just beginning again” and went on to wine about the court saying “from the beginning was hostile.”  Massachusetts Democratic Atty. Gen. candidate called the ruling “unconscionable” and wined that it would “deny a few seconds of privacy to women going to see their doctors.”

It is very troubling that two lawyers, one who is the Massachusetts Attorney General and another who would hold that position, know so little about the Constitution, or conversely have such disdain for it.  The right to free speech is as the US Supreme Court ruled, “but the prime objective of the First Amendment is not efficiency.”

Is becoming more evident by their actions that some Progressives on the Left believe that their political views and special interests even trump the most basic rights guaranteed to American citizens in the Constitution.  This is quite scary and is morphing into a form of fascism.  President Obama is a card-carrying member of this dangerous political club.


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White House Refuses to Comment on Baby Murders in Philadelphia

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 17, 2013

There have been horrific allegations made against Philadelphia abortionist, Dr. Kermit Gosnell.  It is alleged that Gosnell performed late-term abortions that resulted in live births.  He then gruesomely terminated the crying babies’ life.  While shocking, it is not surprising that the mainstream media has avoided reporting on this story as it goes to the seedier side of the abortion industry.  The Progressives in the press refuse to publish news if it has the potential to damage their Leftist narrative.

At a recent White House press conference, Fox News reporter Ed Henry asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney if the President was aware of the matter to which Carney answered in the affirmative.  When pressed for a White House comment on killing alive babies, Carney did the typical Washington to step saying ““Well, again, you’re relating it to a case that I can’t comment on and the president can’t comment on.”  That is a disingenuous response given Obama’s willingness to weigh in on the Trayvon Martin killing while it was an active legal matter.

It is sad that a President who so often repeats the call for “common sense” solutions relating to gun violence in the name of protecting people is so unwilling to ask for similar legislation when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable and innocent of our people.  Progressive justice has its perverted side.


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Putting the Rutgers Basketball Scandal into Perspective

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 9, 2013

During the past week the mainstream media has been fixated on the story of the Rutgers basketball coach throwing basketballs and epitaphs at players during practice sessions.  From the repeated news presentations one would think that there no other newsworthy stories in the world.  Heck, North Korea threatening South Korea and the United States would nukes, no big deal.  Japan accelerating the printing of currency to destroy the Yen, no problem.  Thousands continue being killed in Syria, heck it’s only the Middle East.

The mainstream media has become a pitiful example of yellow journalism at its worst.  Stories of consequence are ignored if they do not fit within the political narrative of the Leftist media.

This week, Matthew Philbin of newsbusters.org published an article titled Nets Give Rutgers Basketball Scandal 41 Mins., Gosnell Baby Murder Trial 0 that shows how outrageous and biased the mainstream media has become.  What a sad testament to how trivial and how low the moral fiber of the Country has traveled in just a few decades.

Nets Give Rutgers Basketball Scandal 41 Mins., Gosnell Baby Murder Trial 0

By Matthew Philbin April 09, 2013 | 11:18

The Rutgers basketball story continues to transfix the media, and why shouldn’t it?  Mike Rice, the disgraced former Rutgers basketball coach allegedly killed a woman and at least seven viable, born-alive babies “by plunging scissors into their spinal cords” in his filthy, macabre “house of horrors” abortion clinic.

Oh wait, my mistake.  Rice was fired last week from Rutgers over video of him shoving, kicking and yelling at his players, throwing basketballs at them and – most damning – using “homophobic slurs.”  That’s made Rice the most notorious villain in America.  And in one week it earned him 36 network news stories clocking in at 41 minutes, 26 seconds of air time on ABC, CBS and NBC.

Now, had Rice been accused of killing a woman and eight babies, he’d be enjoying the same anonymity as Kermit Gosnell – provided the killings were carried out in an abortion clinic.  Gosnell is the West Philadelphia abortionist who ran an unimaginable charnel house of a “clinic,” for 30 years.  Witnesses testified that he may have murdered over 100 babies outside the womb.  Gosnell’s trial, underway for weeks, has featured wrenching testimony and horrific details.  And it has received exactly zero seconds of airtime on the broadcast networks.

Let’s break it out by network.


  • Rutgers: 8 min., 1 sec.
  • Gosnell: 0 min., 0 sec.


  • Rutgers: 14 min., 27 sec.
  • Gossnell: 0 min., 0 sec.


  • Rutgers: 18 min., 58 sec.
  • Gosnell: 0 min., 0 sec

Last week, Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell and 20 other leaders of the conservative movement publicly demanded the networks end their blackout of the Gosnell trial.  They haven’t.  Perhaps they’ve been too traumatized by Rutgers and the “shocking videotapes,” as ABC’s Jenna Wolfe called them on “Good Morning America” April 6.  NBC’s Erica Hill also called them “shocking” on that morning’s “Today.” At CBS “This Morning” on April 3, anchor Norah O’Donnell found the video “stunning.”

“We`ve all been in environments, basketball courts, locker rooms, where the coaches can get fiery, they can get animated with you, CBS special correspondent James Brown allowed, “but putting your hands on a player and engaging in that kind of – those kind of homophobic slurs and abusive behavior, you don`t treat animals that way.”

And you certainly don’t call them “faggot” or “fairy.”  Rice’s bullying might have been excused had he not used those terms.  In fact, they merited a special apology from Rutgers President Robert Barchi “to the LGBT community and all of us who share their values for the homophobic slurs shown on that video.  I personally know how hurtful that language can be.”

ABC was so troubled by the antics of an overbearing basketball coach that on the April 5 “World News Tonight,” correspondent David Muir promised that the network’s “20/20” news magazine show “is now exploring the bigger question, the conversation started by that tape this week.  How common is this bad behavior, how early does it start?”

And explore it they did, with Muir talking to “a mother devastated by that video the nation watched this week.  Her son towering over that Rutgers coach, but still defenseless.”  Stacy Williams, the mother of Rutgers player Austin Johnson, told Muir, “We have to now empower our children to say enough is enough and that we are not gonna stand idly by because you dangled a scholarship in our hands and allow you to get away with all manners of evil.”

“All manners of evil” … like severing a newborn’s spinal chord?  Like JB said, “you don`t treat animals that way.”

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Federal Judge Makes Morning-After Pill Available to Children

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 7, 2013

As reported in the New York Times, on Friday, federal judge Edward Korman of the Eastern District of New York issued an ordered that Plan B One-Step, referred to as the “morning after pill”, be made available over-the-counter for anyone regardless of age.  In the order the Judge strongly rebuked the Obama Administration saying that it acted in “bad faith”, as well as acting “arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable” and that “the F.D.A. has engaged in intolerable delays in processing the petition.  Indeed, it could accurately be described as an administrative agency filibuster.

President Obama often promotes radical Leftist views relating to abortion, birth control, and other issues the Left includes in the category of “a woman’s right to choose”.  That made his decision in 2011 to require girls under 17 to require a prescription for the morning after pill curious.  The Times reported that the Administration’s decision on this matter was political.  Making these pills available for young girls was a political hot potato that the President did not want to address prior to the election.  Judge Korman’s said as much in his decision saying of Health and Human Services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius’s decision that “the secretary’s action was politically motivated, scientifically unjustified, and contrary to agency precedent.”

Irrespective of Obama’s motivations, his decision was correct.  Making the morning-after pill available to young girls is reckless and continues down the slippery slope of promoting sexual promiscuity at ever younger ages.  It also continues down the path of taking rights and responsibilities away from parents.  We have been traveling down this path for decades.  It is time to ask whether women in particular and society in general re better off as a result of these changes,

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Newt Gingrich and Carly Fiorina on Meet the Press

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 3, 2012

Sunday’s Meet the Press included an interesting debate pitting Republicans Newt Gingrich, former Speaker the House, and Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP, against the liberal mainstream media.  In the video clip below Gingrich correctly indicates that the abortion plank included in the Democratic platform is far more radical than the Republican plank, compared to mainstream Americans’ view on the issue.  In addition, Gingrich pointed to the double standard the press and Washington politicians used towards Todd Akins inexcusable comment on rate, versus VP Biden’s inexcusable comment that Republicans if elected would put blacks back in shackles.

The most significant points in the debate were made by Fiorina who correctly states that women are not a special interest group and in fact are a majority of the population.  They are not single issue voters, but are concerned with the many significant issues the Country faces.  The position the Democratic Party attempts to proffer otherwise, should be demeaning to any woman.

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Melbourne Ethicists Favor After Birth Abortions

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 16, 2012

The Blaze published a story that tells a tale of the potential dangers of the slippery slope of lax ethics.  Two Australian ethicist from the University of Melbourne, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva, published a paper in the Journal of Medical Ethics titled ” After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?“.  The title is informative of the authors’ bizarre position.

Giubilini and Minerva say that in “circumstances occurring after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible.”  They go even further stating that such after-birth abortions should be allowed where the newborn’s existence might merely put the family’s well-being at risk.  As an example, they indicate that Downs Syndrome children “might be an unbearable burden on the family and on society as a whole, when the state economically provides for their care.”

We have come a long way since the Supreme Court’s Roe versus Wade decision in 1973.  That decision basically legalized abortions until the point of the fetuses’ “viability”.  The Court defined viability as when the child could “potentially able to live outside the mother’s womb, albeit with artificial aid, …”.  Typical of the judicial system, the decision drew a poorly defined line ignoring the real argument as to when life begins and thus when abortion would become murder.  In addition, that decision did not take into account advances in science that would and have moved viability yardstick to a much earlier time period in a pregnancy.

Giubilini’s and Minerva’s travels down the slippery slope of cheapening human life was a predictable outcome of Roe versus Wade.  That slope, if not halted, will ultimately lead to policies that will be eerily similar to those of the Nazis in their quest for a pure race.

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Georgetown University Law Student Demands Birth Control from Catholic University

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 1, 2012

A stunning display of the entitlement mentality and Progressive illogic was on display earlier this week, orchestrated by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.  The staged event was at the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee meeting.  The purpose was to show support President Obama’s decision to force even religious institutions to supply no charge birth control services.  Conveniently for these Progressives, the only witness called was Ms. Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University Law School student and “reproductive rights activists”.

The video of Ms. Fluke’s testimony posted below is instructive and demonstrates the narcissism from the Left that is ingrained with a deep-seated entitlement mentality.  Her testimony included the following:

  • Forty percent of the female students at Georgetown Law reported to us that they struggled financially as a result of this policy [Lack of free contraceptives].”  –  This is a curious claim coming from students who can afford to attend a law school whose tuition alone cost about $24,000 per year.
  • Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school.”  –  While this Blog is not an expert on birth control costs, a quick search of the Internet indicates condoms can be purchased for approximately $1.00 each.  At this price, Georgetown students would need to be quite “active” to spend $1,000 per year on contraceptives.
  • We refuse to pick between a quality education and our health and we resent that, in the 21st Century, anyone thinks it’s acceptable to ask us to make that choice simply because we are women.”  –  To accept this nonsense from Ms. Fluke, one would have to believe that only Catholic universities supply quality education.  Preposterous!

Ms. Fluke understands the weakness of her arguments, as demonstrated by her even more outrageous attempt to victimize women her presentation.  While nearly all of the discussions relating to contraceptives involve to birth control and convenience, Fluke takes the argument in a completely different direction, attempting to make women the victims, rather than the religious institutions she would have the government attack.  Specifically, she raises an issue of a friend who supposedly required birth control pills for a medical condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome, but could not obtain them  Assuming this is be true, it does not relate to 40% of Georgetown’s female law students she first referred to.  This is a typical Leftist tactic of making any sub group in society a victim and using fringe issues to “prove” it.

When the discussion of abortion is raised by feminists like Ms. Fluke, the word “choice” is often used.  In fact, Fluke used this overused word in her presentation to the congressional group.  It is ironic that those who believe terminating a pregnancy is a choice seem have so much difficulty understanding that so is the sexual act that initiates pregnancies.





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Abortion and The Butterfly Effect

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 10, 2011

The 2004 movie, The Butterfly Effect, starred Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart and Melora Walters.  While not particularly memorable artistically, it made an interesting point as to how seemingly small changes in one’s life can affect the future, i.e. The Butterfly Effect.

In the movie, lead actor Kutcher was born with a power allowing him to go back in time to change a part of the past to improve an outcome in his future life.  Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances from the meddling had just the opposite effect.

Chris Kobus recently published an article involving the potential for The Butterfly Effect from abortions, posted below.  Kobus ties in with this theme the recent passing of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who was an unwanted child born to an 18-year in the mid-1950’s.  Kobus’s point deserves intellectual discussion.  However, hot-button topics like abortion in this politically correct world make such reasonable discourse unlikely.

If Steve Jobs Were Conceived 2 Decades Later, He Would Have Been Aborted, by Chris Kobus

I have said many times in my old blog that we are committing societal suicide via abortion, with our birth rate now so low that our culture is barely sustainable by any economic model.  But the even bigger tragedy is the limitless possibilities of what those unborn people, and their descendants, could have contributed to humanity, but never got the chance thanks to the Roe v Wade decision that repealed the 5th and 14th amendment human right against people not being deprived of life without due process (incidentally, liberals get around it the same way they got around it during slavery – by redefining by fiat who is and who is not a person).  I have further opined in disgust the possibility that the next Mozart may have been aborted, or the next Einstein, or a brilliant researcher who would have found a cure for Alzheimer’s.  But today, it seems appropriate to tack onto that list the name of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was born in early 1955, 18 years before the Roe v Wade decision.  His unwed mother gave him up for adoption because he wasn’t a girl.  I would say he did pretty well despite his beginnings.  He would go on to build one of the most successful brands in all human history.  Folk of every stripe, color, creed, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, etc pine for his products. They are some of the most well-thought out, well-designed and well-constructed products of any time.

So let’s image Steve Jobs had been conceived in 1974 rather than 1954.  His unwed mother wanting to have a girl goes in and is told she will bear a boy.  What do you think the chances that he would have never seen the light of day?  Instead of a great mind building an empire from humble beginnings, he, or what would have been left of him, would have been flushed down the toilet in a Planned Parenthood abortion mill without a second thought much less a first.  No Apple, no iPhone, iPad, or iPod.  Those that call themselves pro-choice and are reading this on one of those devices might want to consider that.

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs …..

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PA Abortion Doctor Charged with Murder

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 23, 2011

On Friday the Associated press carried a gruesome story Pa. ex-gov. flabbergasted by lax abortion scrutiny. It involved Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who ran a Philadelphia abortion clinic who has been charged with the murders of a women and seven babies.  A grand jury indictment incredibly found that Pennsylvania abortion clinics have not had any state inspections for over 15 years.  It will surprise only the naïve that this lack of inspections was the result of politics.

When asked about the lack of inspections for the abortion clinics, just retired PA Governor Ed Rendell said he was “flabbergasted” when he learned of it after prosecutors announced that a doctor used scissors to kill viable babies at Gosnell’s clinic and also found bloody floors and baby parts in jars at the clinic.  Rendell further said:

When I found this out, as a result of the press on the Gosnell case, I immediately directed the them to inspect these facilities.  It was simply preposterous that the department took this position, ever.” (PA Health Department said it didn’t think its authority extended to abortion clinics.)

The grand jury’s 261-page report stated PA’s Health Department “decided, for political reasons, to stop inspecting abortion clinics at all,” and that Health Department lawyers changed their opinions “to suit the policy preferences of different governors.”

This story is telling on several fronts.   First, don’t except it to get much press as that would not be in the interest of the Leftist media.  While murder via the bombing of an abortion clinic is worthy of front page news for a week, murder by doctors in the abortion industry is handled by the media as merely one cost of doing business.

In addition, the story of Pennsylvania not holding abortion clinics accountable to similar standards that it holds hospitals is an indication of how the government uses regulations as a political tool.  This tactic is worthy of any authoritarian state in the Middle East.

Finally, this story shows how the abortion industry and its advocates have been successful in creating the narrative that abortions are merely a basic women’s right.  The murder of a women and seven babies in a Philadelphia clinic show that this issue is far greater than that.

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