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Democratic Congresswoman has Problem with Hillary Clinton’s Trustworthiness

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 7, 2016

During the past 25 years no family has dominated American politics more than the Clintons.  Bill was the most important political figure during the 1990s, serving as president for two terms.  Hillary Clinton was a powerhouse in her own right, most notably as an activist first lady.  During the next two decades she served as a United States Senator from New York, was a serious contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, and also served as Secretary of State during the Obama Administration.

The accomplishments of the Clintons have been accompanied by scandals.  Bill and Hillary have become infamous for lies with Bill being disbarred for it during the Lewinsky scandal.  Hillary’s lies have been so pervasive that the late New York Times writer William Safire called her “a congenital liar”.  That was 20 years before FBI director James Comey confirmed she lied on matters relating to the email scandal.

During a substantial portion of the past 25 years the Clintons successfully blamed a right-wing conspiracy for attacking their credibility.  That dog no longer hunts.

Polls indicate the majority of Americans find Hillary less than trustworthy.  Just a significant, politicians who support Hillary have difficulty with her trust factor.  CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin in the video below asked Democratic Congresswoman from Arizona, Ann Kirkpatrick her thoughts on Hillary’s trustworthiness.  She did not answer the question, but instead said “she is the most qualified to lead this country”.

American politics are in a sad state.  Republicans nominated Donald Trump, who not only has problems with temperament, but shares few philosophical views in common with traditional conservative politics.  The best Hillary supporters can say is that she is more qualified than Trump.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties have failed the people.  This reality demands radical intervention.  Third parties are a reasonable alternative.


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