“The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato

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    "Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit."

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Brexit Vote Explained

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 28, 2016

Last week’s vote by the British people to extricate themselves from the European Union (Brexit) seems to have left many, including the political ruling class on both sides of the Atlantic, in shock.  It is a wonder that a vote that has two possibilities would create any such consternation when it goes one way or the other.

Governments of all sorts of philosophical directions have proven often throughout history an inability to hear the people.  At the same time, they have created an elite ruling class that has benefited substantially from their positions.

Nigel Farage, a British member of the European Parliament, has been a strong proponent for Britain to leave the EU.  During today’s Parliamentary session, Farage made a speech in which he did a victory lap, taunting other members of the European Parliament, posted below.  While his aggressive approach can be questioned, the logic he lays out helps explain the People’s anger building in the EU, as well as other countries.


2 Responses to “Brexit Vote Explained”

  1. Jim Mahoney said

    One week ago the British people voted to leave the EU and take control of their own economic destiny. This rattled the ruling elites and the liberal media talking heads, and their predictions of doom and gloom became a self-fulling prophecy as financial markets worldwide took a nosedive. As of yesterday, the Dow Jones and the British stock market have regained virtually all of their pre BREXIT value. This is sending shockwaves through the EU ruling class in Brussels as there are at least five other EU members who are now prepared to schedule their own exit votes as well.

    The European Union started out as a good idea when it was first proposed; a way to give the nations of Europe a collective economic clout much the same as the United States. However, while the US at least shared some common history and customs, the EU drew together countries that had very different customs, economies and histories. Some of the countries in the EU had been at war with each other 60 years earlier. Many of the European countries also have very weak economies, requiring stronger countries like England and Germany to subsidize them. It didn’t take long for the EU bureaucrats in Brussels to start reaching beyond purely economic issues and into the realm of social engineering as they began dictating to the member countries things like the types of food they could produce, the water level of their toilets and how powerful their vacuum cleaners could be. The final straw came last year when EU member countries were required to accept thousands of unvetted and unassimilated Muslim refugees, causing their poverty and crime levels to soar.

    After the vote to leave was certified there were parallels drawn to the Trump campaign including the predicable accusations of racism simply because the citizens of Great Britain want their country to chart its own destiny instead of being part of a collective. The vote has dealt a serious blow to the No Borders Crowd, and that has people like George Soros worried and the rest of us feeling optimistic.

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