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Hillary Equivocates on Terrorism Bill

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 19, 2016

George Stephanopoulos, an ABC news commentator, in a previous life was a Clinton family apologist.  During a recent interview with Hillary Clinton even Stephanopoulos was taken back by her equivocation on an important pending legislation.  (See video below.)

The legislation would allow individuals to sue state sponsors of terrorism in federal court.  This bill has bipartisan support in the Congress, including Democrat Chuck Schumer, but is opposed by the Obama administration on the basis of national security interests.  When asked if Ms. Clinton supported the bill, she did the famous Clinton two-step indicating that she was not aware of the legislation’s specifics.  An incredulous Stephanopoulos questioned Clinton’s lack of knowledge on an issue that is been around for years.  After stammering a bit she incredibly said:

“…. unlike some people, I actually do,     do try to learn what’s at the core of any question before I offer opinion, because you know it’s not enough to say what’s wrong, I think you have a responsibility to fix it.”

It is interesting to review Hillary’s record when it comes to learning what’s “at the core of any question before I offer opinion”.  She certainly did not use this approach when blaming the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi on an obscure video.  She also did not use this analytical approach during her husband’s presidency when Bill was caught with his pants down in the White House.  For those who forget her infamous claim of a great right-wing conspiracy when it came to Monica Lewinsky, the video below offers insight into how Hillary views facts and in this case a vulnerable young female intern.



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