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CNN Exposes shallowness of Trump and Obama

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 31, 2016

During a recent 24-hour period, two different CNN anchors exposed shallow aspects of two very different politicians.

Earlier this week President Obama went on the attack of the news media at an awards dinner for journalist.  His attack related to the media’s coverage of the 2016 presidential primaries.  In typical narcissistic form, Obama praised the media for asking “really tough questions” during his first run for the presidency in 2008.  Taking it further he then chided the media for not doing the same this year.  Translation, during 2008 you held me (Obama) to a high standard, but are not doing so to for the Republicans today.  This claim is comical.

Barack Obama was perhaps the most coddled presidential candidate to run for the office.  During 2008, some in the media actually went so far as to publicly state that they had an emotional attachment to Obama.  Since being elected, the President made many unbroken promises, but was never taken to task by the media for them.  Examples include how his first major bill, the Stimulus Package, would lower unemployment, as well as calling ISIS the “JV team”.  Who can forget the President going to the United Nations two weeks after the terrorists attack on America’s Benghazi consulate and ludicrously blaming them on some obscure video?

After listening to Obama’s media bashing, CNN reporter Jake Tapper appropriately chastise the President for his administration’s lack of transparency stating (see video below):

Was President Obama the right messenger?”, and “Mr. President, with all due respect … Maybe, just maybe, your lecturing would be better delivered to your own administration.”

Donald Trump is never one to be overshadowed by another politician’s outrageous statements.  During a town hall interview this week with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Trump’s justification for his attacks on Ted Cruz’s wife was appropriately compared to the actions of a five-year-old, as seen in the video below.

While Donald Trump and Barack Obama are very different politicians, they have at least a few traits in common; an inability to accept criticism or responsibility for their actions..


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