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Thomas Sowell Blasts “Conservative” Trump Supporters.

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 26, 2016

sowellRenowned economist, Dr. Thomas Sowell, is a brilliant economist and social scientist.  Besides having impeccable academic credentials, Sowell’s conservative credentials are unblemished, at least in the way it was defined in more sane times.

Earlier this week Dr. Sowell published an op-ed that was highly critical of front running Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.  In it Trump says (emphasis added):

“Those of us who like to believe that human beings are rational can sometimes have a hard time trying to explain what is going on in politics.  It is still a puzzle to me how millions of patriotic Americans could have voted in 2008 for a man who for 20 years — TWENTY YEARS — was a follower of a preacher who poured out his hatred for America in the most gross gutter terms.

Today’s big puzzle is how so many otherwise rational people have become enamored of Donald Trump, projecting onto him virtues and principles that he clearly does not have, and ignoring gross defects that are all too blatant.”

Sowell correctly concludes that Trump has a history that has a “history has demonstrated no principles at all, other than an ability to make self-serving deals,….”

By relating America’s response eight years ago to Barack Obama with its response today to Donald Trump, Dr. Sowell correctly points to the biggest deficits facing America today; the lack of conviction, moral compass and common decency.  These deficiencies have unfortunately affected the broad-spectrum of America, from Left to Right.


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