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Global Warming Science Remains Unsettled

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 3, 2015

Intellectual debate on the theory of man-made global warming is heresy to those who believe in a narrative that has taken on the trappings of a neo-religion.  When skeptics question cause and effect, they are shut down with the claim that the science is absolute and not open for debate.  These folks should be reminded that strong claims were once made by the entire scientific community about the earth being flat and at the center of the universe.  Those who opposed these false narratives were labeled heretics.

The science behind the theory of man-made global warming is not settled.  This reality was brought to the forefront once again with a release of a recent NASA study.  It concludes that the snow accumulation in the Antarctic that began 10,000 years ago continues and at a pace that on a yearly basis adds enough ice to the continent to more than offset any thinning of its glaciers.  The NASA study also disagrees with other studies’, including the well-publicized 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC), that concluded Antarctica has a net ice loss.  The NASA study states:

We’re essentially in agreement with other studies that show an increase in ice discharge in the Antarctic Peninsula and the Thwaites and Pine Island region of West Antarctica.  Our main disagreement is for East Antarctica and the interior of West Antarctica – there, we see an ice gain that exceeds the losses in the other areas.”  The study further concluded that in East Antarctica from 1992 two 2008, ice mass gain from the thickening averaged 200 billion tons per year, over three times the 65 billion tons per year of loss in West Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula.

NASA also concludes: “The good news is that Antarctica is not currently contributing to sea level rise, but is taking 0.23 millimeters per year away.  But this is also bad news.  If the 0.27 millimeters per year of sea level rise attributed to Antarctica in the IPCC report is not really coming from Antarctica, there must be some other contribution to sea level rise that is not accounted for.”  This inconvenient truth will be buried by the mainstream media and their partners in Progressive governments.

While the science is not settled on man-made global warming, that does not stop those with vested interests in promoting it using draconian tactics to quash dissent.  For example, last week renowned French weatherman, Philippe Verdier, was fired for publishing a book that questions the man-made global warming theory.  His book, Climate Investigation, accuses promoters of the theory of misleading the public.  According to Verdier his concerns began when he and other French meteorologists were called into a meeting with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius who instructed them to push the man-made global warming narrative, irrespective of the facts.

Why are man-made global warming theory advocates so adamant about stopping debate?  The uneducated masses have good intent, convinced and scared by junk science.  There are others with less benign motivations.  The scientific community at the university level receives significant funding from governments.  That funding would be at risk if they do not tow the Progressive line on the environment.

As for governments, their motivations are age-old; power and money.  By creating an enemy with cataclysmic potential, governments can increase their power by promising corrective action, irrespective of any benefits from those actions.  Of course, saving us requires significant funding and redistribution of assets.  As has been said throughout history, when in doubt, follow the money


3 Responses to “Global Warming Science Remains Unsettled”

  1. Carl Hackert said

    Exactly right, Steve. One “believes” in manmade global warming as if it were an article of faith that, by definition, does not require proof. Any dissent is considered heresy and dissenters are treated to a hi-tech Spanish Inquisition.This is part of a cynical strategy to expand the global socialist movement. Its leaders are often referred to as “Watermelons”: green on the outside, red on the inside. Sadly, even the Pope has become a “useful idiot” by his embracing of the Pantheistic Global Warming religion – he and his order, the Jesuits, also embrace pro-Marxist Liberation theology and wealth redistribution (basically, they believe that Jesus and early Christians were communists). The outwardly happy Pope has a dark side, just like Mr. Obama: He has banned within the Roman Catholic Church the legitimate and scientifically plausible dissenting views of others, Cardinal Pell for example. Catholics need to be reminded that the Pope is ONLY infallible in matters of Church Doctrine, not in science. He, like Al Gore, are amateurs in matters of science.

  2. John Nelson said

    WOW! The only thing I can add is: “A-MEN”!!!!!!!

    • Carl Hackert said

      Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

      From:”EnduringSense” Date:Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 8:58 AM Subject:[New comment] Global Warming Science Remains Unsettled

      John Nelson commented: “WOW! The only thing I can add is: “A-MEN”!!!!!!!”

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