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Governmental Errors in Headlines

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 13, 2015

July has not been a good month for government and those that look to it to resolve societal challenges.

After the carnage in a South Carolina church that resulted in the death of nine African-Americans at the hands of deranged racist, Progressives sought to use the tragedy to push a gun control agenda. Then, last week it was announced that the accused shooter, Dylann Roof, was not legally able to purchase the gun used in the massacre.  Admitting that the background check of Roof is not properly handled, FBI director James Comey said: “This rips all of our hearts out“.  This is also an indication that America does not need more laws, but competent enforcement of current laws.

In San Francisco, 32-year-old Kate Steinle was murdered on Pier 14.  Any murder of an innocent is a tragedy, but it becomes especially troubling when it could have been prevented had authorities acted responsibly.  Ms. Steinle was reportedly shot by Francisco Sanchez, who is not only an illegal alien, but had been deported multiple times and had multiple felony arrests in the United States.  Adding an explanation point to this avoidable tragedy, it was reported by the Associated Press that the gun used in the murder belong to a federal agent, but was reported stolen.  Again, additional gun control laws would not have prevented the murder.  However, had the city of San Francisco reported to the federal government that Sanchez was being released from jail, as requested by the federal government, he would have been deported Incometenceprior to the killing.

Finally, last week the Country learned of a very damaging, but less violent event involving governmental incompetence to the max.  Over 25 million Americans had their personal information stolen from a governmental computer system.  This led to the resignation of Katherine Archuleta, the director of the Office of Personnel Management.  Ms. Archuleta’s resume included working for the Obama administration’s reelection team.  It is little wonder that she lacked competence computer/personnel security.

Over the years those with a Libertarian view of government have railed at the crony capitalism, waste and incompetence of government.  As the government has grown, increasing its reach deeper into the economy and society, the opportunities for incompetence and abuse increases.


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