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Gun Carrying Good Samaritan Saves Lives in Chicago

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 21, 2015

The news media cannot wait to publicize gun stories that fit their anti-Second Amendment narrative.  At the same time the media rarely publishes stories that might promote the benefits to society of gun rights.  Such was the case this week with an incident in Chicago, Illinois that had a happy ending.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Everardo Custodio began firing into a crowd of people in Logan Square.  Upon seeing this this, an Uber driver with a license and permit to carry a concealed weapon jumped into action, shooting and wounding Custodio.  The Good Samaritan will not be prosecuted, according to local authorities.  It is evident had the Good Samaritan not been armed, innocent people would have been wounded or killed.

Those who would impose strict gun controls on Americans will not discuss the benefits of honest citizens being armed.  In addition, they ignore the discussion of the significant drop in crime with increasing gun-carry permits.  The facts, however, are not arguable

Illinois started granting concealed carry permits in 2015 with over 68,000 issued.  Since then, robberies in Chicago have declined 20%, burglary and motor vehicle thefts are down over 20%, and homicide rates have declined to a 56 year low, according to The Washington Times.  Nationally, carry permits have increased from 4.5 million to 11.1 million in the past seven years.  During this same period, homicide and other violent crimes have decreased by 22%.

Those who are against gun ownership rights would argue that the cause and effect of the decreasing crime rates have not scientifically been correlated to the increased gun permits.  While technically correct, it is a thin argument.  Certainly the significant increase of gun carrying honest citizens has not resulted in increased gun violence, a cornerstone of the anti-gun ownership argument.


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