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EPA Administrator Uses Global Warming to Justify Huge Funding Increase to Agency

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 6, 2015

Progressive governments worldwide have tainted the science behind the theory that man’s usage of carbon-based fuel is responsible for what they first called global warming and more recently climate change.   By controlling funding they effectively control the outcome of the debate, irrespective of real science, using the threat of cutting off the funding for institutions and scientists that do not toe the line.

The US government’s bias in the man-made climate change debate was made transparent in a recent hearing before a Senate committee studying an increased budget request from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy was grilled by Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama concerning the Agency’s request for a 6% funding increase for next year, three times the rate of inflation.

In justifying the EPA’s huge budget increase request, McCarthy referred to the dangers of man-made global warming and the important role that EPA plays in combating it.  That led to an exchange between Session’s and McCarthy, video below, which demonstrates McCarthy’s strong bias in the issue.  When Session asked the Administrator three direct questions concerning historical facts of the past 10 years whose answers do not support the man-made global warming “science”, McCarthy feigned ignorance or sparred with the responses.  Her combative and evasive answers are not that of a scientist, but an advocate.

Given that the EPA gains power and additional funding by “promoting” global warming dangers, it is not surprising that McCarthy was so emotional in her exchange with Session.  This is but an example of government agencies and bureaucrats framing arguments and facts to the benefit of themselves personally and/or their agencies.

In the past decade, private companies have significantly cut their cost of doing business in response to increased worldwide competition and also by taking advantage of technology to improve productivity and efficiency.  Contrast this with the US government that continually increases its budget and number of employees and the problem is clear to see.  Then, to protect turf and perpetual growth, high-level bureaucrats justify their existence promoting one potential crisis after another that they are protecting the People from.  Pretty good gig!


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