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Senator Coburn Understands Constitutional Responsibilities

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 12, 2014

Senator Tom Coburn, Republican from Oklahoma, is doing what few professional politicians do today; retiring after a mere 20 years in Congress.  Few politicians are willing to leave the perks of office that comes with being a member of Congress.

Those that know Coburn’s record are not entirely surprised he would retire while on top of his game.  He is been a staunch opponent of government overspending and pork, irrespective of the constituents that benefit from the spending.

Coburn’s departing speech, video below, to Senators was not only emotional, but also a jab at the key problem of the government.  After reciting the oath of office that all congressmen swear to, Coburn chastises his fellow senators saying:

Your state is not mentioned one time in that oath.  Your whole goal is to protect the Constitution and its liberties.  It’s not to provide benefits for your state.  That’s where we differ.  That’s where the conflict with my colleagues has come.”

While Coburn’s comments are on point, it is unrealistic to expect politicians to act honorably.  Most either enter office because of the privileges it offers, or become corrupted by the power once arriving in Washington.  There are two simple items required to constrain inappropriate spending by Washington politicians: 1) term limits, and just as important, 2) a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.  As long as politicians have the ability to print money they will continue bringing to their constituents the bacon to the detriment of the Country’s interest.


One Response to “Senator Coburn Understands Constitutional Responsibilities”

  1. John Nelson said

    Well stated – Amen-Amen!!

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