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Obama’s Doubletalk on Ending Iraq War

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 12, 2014

Barack Obama ran for his first term promising to end the war in Iraq. After becoming president Obama often bragged about fulfilling that promise.  Unfortunately, the President’s often repeated claim was false.

Six years after Obama took office it has become more apparent what he meant by “Hope and Change”.  He would hope for events to make positive changes in the country and world.  Unfortunately, hope is not a plan.

While President Obama did indeed pull US troops out of Iraq and called the war over, wars are between at least two parties. They cannot end unilaterally.  The war in Iraq continues.  While it was started by Bush, it is now Obama’s war.


2 Responses to “Obama’s Doubletalk on Ending Iraq War”

  1. Carl Hackert said

    The fact is that Obama was told by military experts, by former Defense chiefs, the former CIA chief, people like John McCain and Mitt Romney, and by members of both houses of Congress that “residual forces” (different status than combat troops in military terms) should remain in Iraq. He didn’t listen to their advice in negotiating the SOFA – now he blames Bush, the intelligence community, the Iraqi government and the State Department for his decision. Campaign speeches to the extreme left were and still are more important to him than the job of being Commander-in-Chief.

    His lackluster response to ISIS or ISIL is now HIS legacy. Add to that: illegal immigration (disease, cartel drug & gun crime, domestic terror, Welfare burden) and the failure of of his government to react to Ebola. These inactions are driving his poll numbers down – why he didn’t immediately fire Eric Holder tells us a lot about Obama’s true vision of the America he wants to see.

    The public and the adoring media now views Obama as an incompetent Big Government phoney who prefers parties, vacationing and Hollywood fundraising over the actual work of being the POTUS, He is considered to disdain Traditional American values. He is anti-Israel. He wants to take your rights, your religion, your money and your guns. He leads from behind and he is anti-military. He favors a Welfare State and plays the divisive politics of racism and class envy. And, neither he nor his wife don’t seem to care that he comes across as a glib, untrustworthy, mean-spirited liar (meant to say “lawyer”) concerning his disastrous primary achievement: Obamacare.

    Imagine two more years of the Valerie Jarrett types running the country: more delays on energy projects like the Keystone pipeline & fracking, more leftist Executive Orders & leftwing appointments, or more Islamic domestic terror stubbornly called “workplace violence” for PC purposes.

    Then, imagine for second if Mitt Romney had won in 2012…

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