“The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato

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“Discharge” Secret Service Director Julian Pierson Incompetence Exposed

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 2, 2014

Yesterday was dynamic for former Secret Service Director Julian Pierson. In the morning Obama’s press secretary announced that the President had full confidence in Ms. Pierson going forward. A few hours later her resignation was accepted with her immediate dismissal, even before a replacement was hired. This is another sign of the disorganization within team Obama.

The day before Pierson resigned she was grilled at a congressional hearing by representative Trey Gowdy, as included in the video below. The exchange showed Pierson’s inability to respond coherently to even the simplest questions. While there is no doubt that Pierson was incompetent and ill-equipped for the position, the bigger question is who interviewed and hired her in the first place. That individual should be following Pearson out the door.

Americans are becoming numb to the many scandals that have hit the Obama administration. One or two scandals can be attributed to human error. The sheer numbers that occurred under this administration is hard to fathom and include: 1) Solyndra (DOE), 2) Fast and Furious (DOJ), 3) Benghazi cover-up (State Department), 4) targeting Americans for their political views (IRS), 5) obstructing freedom of the press targeting AP and Fox reporters (DOJ), 6) $800,000 taxpayer bill for a party in Las Vegas for government workers (GSA), 7) $6 million taxpayer funds blown on two Florida conferences (VA), 8) botched Obamacare rollout (HHS), 9) veterans not receiving required medical treatment due to employee cover-ups (VA), etc.

Progressives who believe in big government are being forced into a dilemma by the incompetence of President Obama, the most liberal and activist president in generations. There are only two reasonable explanations for the extraordinary governmental gaffs of the past six years. Either the man they voted in for hope and change is totally incompetent or government itself has grown to the point that it can no longer serve the people, but instead serves its own needs and greed. Truth resides in a combination of both issues.


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