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Liberals Bill Maher and Michael Moore Question Liberal Logic

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 15, 2014

The first decade of this new century brought pronounced problems, both internationally and domestically, for the United States. On the international front we had the 9/11 attacks, North Korean atomic bomb tests, Iran marching towards nuclear weapons, and more recently what started as the Arab Spring has evolved into civil wars in Syria and Iraq and still strengthening of radical Islam.

Domestically, the various bubbles of the 1990s turned into an economic meltdown of 2008. That has been followed by the most anemic recovery since the Great Depression.  In both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, Liberals blamed Republicans and right of center policies for these difficulties.  That dog no longer hunts.

At the end of six years of an ultra-Leftist agenda promoted by Barack Obama, the challenges facing the United States is even greater on the international front and remain challenging domestically. With these realities have the blame game no longer no longer works for President Obama.  Instead, it has shown the fallacies of Progressive and interventionist policies of not only the current administration, but also similar policies of preceding presidents.

Some on the Left are beginning to question the policies of Barack Obama and the politically correct agenda promoted by Progressives. Bill Maher is unapologetic Leftist and atheist.  During a recent interview with PBS’s Charlie Rose, Rose attempted to spew the politically correct proposition that Islam is currently no more violent than other religions.  Maher would have none of this and took Rose to task , as included the video below.

Just as shocking, ultra-Leftist Michael Moore took Obama to task for his lack of accomplishments. While it is likely that Moore wants Obama to implement even more Leftist/socialist policies, it is apparent that he questions Obama’s executive skills.

The fact that Bill Maher and Michael Moore are dissing this liberal president and/or the political correctness mantra of today is an indicator that there is political change coming at the upcoming midterm elections. However, while the Republicans are likely to take control the Senate they have shown the inability to lead or create cohesive policies.  The Country is devoid of true leadership in either political party.


One Response to “Liberals Bill Maher and Michael Moore Question Liberal Logic”

  1. Lee Stadele said


    When a world power is without a leader someone always seizes control. Tyranny, to the majority, trumps the uncertainty of freedom.


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