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America’s Incoherent Foreign Policy

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 9, 2014

It can be argued that George W. Bush made poor foreign policy decisions. Bush made an ill-conceived decision to invade Iraq. While that took down a nasty dictator, there were no weapons of mass destruction, the purpose of the invasion. Bush’s Afghanistan invasion was initially successful and necessary. However, once the Taliban and were taken down the mission morphed into nation building with no chance of success. Obama continues this failed policy six years into his presidency.

It can be said that President Obama has no foreign policy. He jumps from crisis to crisis with slowly developing tactical responses that have failed. In Libya, Obama helped take down Qaddafi and that country has since become a failed state housing terrorists. In Syria, Obama dithered in backing Democratic protesters during the early days of the Arab Spring. Now, the country is in Civil War with radical Islamists dominating the opposition to Assad. Iraq is in the process of disintegrating into three countries with radical Islamists controlling up to a third of it.

George Friedman of strafor.com wrote a piece titled Ukraine, Iraq and a Black Sea Strategy, link supplied below that begins:

“The United States is, at the moment, off balance. It faces challenges in the Syria-Iraq theater as well as challenges in Ukraine. It does not have a clear response to either. It does not know what success in either theater would look like, what resources it is prepared to devote to either, nor whether the consequences of defeat would be manageable.”

Friedman’s call of Obama foreign policy “off-base” is an understatement. The Obama policies are also ill-conceived and naïve. However, this not only falls on the President, but also on the American electorate who voted in a Community Organizer with no foreign policy experience to the most important diplomatic position in the world.

Ukraine, Iraq and a Black Sea Strategy


One Response to “America’s Incoherent Foreign Policy”

  1. Lee Stadele said

    Steve. This week Obama makes his “definitive” proclamation on many aspects of the role of the US in our many crisis situations. Even before hearing the speech most of us know the words will just be another holding position while we build still another colalition in an endless series of failed blather. By Thursday might say a few more words concerning 9/11. Then it off to a round of golf and perhaps, another fund raiser.

    Why bother turning on the TV. Have a beer and watch a Turner Classic. At least you know that show, in advance,is fiction.

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