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Massachusetts’ Buffer Law Rebuked by the Supreme Court

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 4, 2014

A Massachusetts law barred citizens from protesting within 35 feet of abortion clinics in the State.  The Supreme Court has appropriately struck down this law as it clearly violated the First Amendment (free-speech) of the Constitution.  It is telling that Supreme Court acted unanimously with even its four liberal members including three women finding the law unconstitutional.

It is bad enough that Massachusetts made an unconstitutional law clearly to inhibit free speech.  However, the reaction to the ruling from some on the left in the Bay State is just in trouble.  Its Atty. Gen. Martha Coakley has responded saying that “this fight is just beginning again” and went on to wine about the court saying “from the beginning was hostile.”  Massachusetts Democratic Atty. Gen. candidate called the ruling “unconscionable” and wined that it would “deny a few seconds of privacy to women going to see their doctors.”

It is very troubling that two lawyers, one who is the Massachusetts Attorney General and another who would hold that position, know so little about the Constitution, or conversely have such disdain for it.  The right to free speech is as the US Supreme Court ruled, “but the prime objective of the First Amendment is not efficiency.”

Is becoming more evident by their actions that some Progressives on the Left believe that their political views and special interests even trump the most basic rights guaranteed to American citizens in the Constitution.  This is quite scary and is morphing into a form of fascism.  President Obama is a card-carrying member of this dangerous political club.


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