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Congressman Trey Gaudi Versus IRS Commissioner Koskinen

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 2, 2014

Last week IRS Commissioner John Koskinen was in front of a congressional committee concerning the IRS scandal.  During the interrogation Koskinen had an attitude that showed disdain for Congress and the American people.

Koskinen ran into a buzz saw when questioned by former prosecutor, Congressman Trey Gowdy, Republican, SC.  In the exchange Koskinen, who was not the IRS Commissioner during the time the scandal occurred, went to bat for the IRS claiming there was no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.  The exchange below is endemic of the ruling class of politico-bureaucrats in Washington DC.  It goes beyond arrogance and approaches tyranny by the IRS.

Gowdy – “You have already said multiple times today that there was no evidence that you found of any criminal wrongdoing.  I want you to tell me what criminal statutes you’ve evaluated.”

Koskinen – “I have not looked at any.”

Gowdy – “Well then how can you possibly tell our fellow citizens that there’s not criminal wrongdoing if you don’t even know what statutes to look at?”  ….   “How would you know what elements of the crime existed?  You don’t even know what statutes are in play.”


Gowdy – “It was Jay Carney that perpetuated the myth that it was two rogue agents in Ohio, it wasn’t any of us.  Was that accurate?”

Koskinen – “Not that I know of”.

Gowdy – “So that was inaccurate and that came from the White House.  Who said there’s not a smidgen of corruption?”

Koskinen – “My understanding is that was the president”.

Gowdy – “So that’s Jay Carney and the president both inserting themselves into the IRS scandal,” Gowdy said. “And you want to blame us for bringing the White house into it?

Koskinen – “I haven’t blamed you at all”.

Gowdy – “You just did, commissioner.  You just did.”



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