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Chris Matthews Going Positive on Tea Party

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 12, 2014

The incompetency of the Obama presidency has been a sad, if not interesting story to watch.  During the early days the Administration’s blunders that included Solyndra crony capitalism, lack of follow-through on the BP oil spill and the Benghazi debacle, Obama’s Leftist allies including those in the mainstream media either ignored the issues or blamed them on “phony conspiracies” created by opponents

With the culmination of one crisis after another that have included the IRS targeting political opponents, the VA hospital catastrophe, the ill-advised and ill handled Bergdahl for terrorists exchange, and now the potential disintegration of Iraq, even some of Obama’s staunchest allies are starting to waiver.  No more is this evident then with Leftist and former ardent Obama supporter MSNBC news commentator Chris Matthews.

In yet another sign that Matthews has become disenchanted with the incompetence of the Left in Washington, Matthews made some unusually positive comments about the Tea Party and conservative congressional candidate David Brat who recently defeated Congressman Eric Cantor in the Republican primary.  Matthews’ comments included:

Well, first of all, I don’t think you can assume that the liberals are smarter than the conservative professors.  I think that’s crazy talk like that and it’s exactly the kind of attitude conservatives can’t stand. I don’t know which professor is more popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s a better professor, first of all.” [When asked about Brat and his intellectual skills during the interview.]

Secondly, I was listening to Brat last night, I listened to him today, I think he’s very sophisticated for a politician.  He’s certainly up to the ranks in most politicians I’ve ever dealt with.  He speaks in a speculative manner, in an intellectual manner, he can handle any debate on this program or my program.”

So this looking down our noses at Tea Party people has got to stop.  They have a message, they are as American as any liberal is, and they are really angry at the failure of the system.”

Matthews is unusually on target and concluded that “…  looking down our noses at Tea Party people has got to stop.”  Translation: The Left’s grand experiment of the past six years that included significant growth in an already expansive government has failed.  This will likely lead to a strong political reaction in the other direction and the American Left better accept it.


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