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IRS Scandal-II

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 23, 2014

IRS Scandal-1 involved its employees targeting groups with conservative political leanings for special scrutiny.  While at first the President Obama called this a serious matter, he shortly thereafter began calling it a false scandal, a phrase he uses when his administration is caught with its hands in the cookie jar.

Well, the Internal Revenue Service is at it again, now with IRS scandal-2.  As reported by CNNMoney, an audit by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that the IRS gave bonuses of nearly $3 million and thousands of hours of paid time to IRS employees over a two-year period who had recently received discipline for workplace misconduct.  Incredibly, approximately 1,100 employees received $1 million in bonuses even though they were in trouble with the IRS on their own taxes.  You can’t make this stuff up!

This latest IRS scandal is an example of the growing problem of an out-of-control government.  Public-sector employees are no different than employees in the private sector.  They are susceptible to the same human frailties including greed.  In the private sector such greed is often damaging to the employer with the most costly sanction being the death of the company (at least before bailouts).  The public sector’s employer, the government, is not subject to this ultimate sanction.  It is not surprising, therefore, that with the growth of government the scandals are becoming more numerous and more expensive.


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