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George Will Speaks of the Present and Future

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 13, 2014

George WIllGeorge F. Will is a well-known brilliant columnist and a Pulitzer Prize winning author.  While Will has a conservative bent, he is a pragmatist.  In a recent interview Will made the following comments concerning important issues facing the United States including the future of America, the breakdown of the American family, the overuse of debt, the abusive government, and immigration.

Future of the United States:

Unlike the Left and its comrades in the mainstream media who demonize the Tea Party as racist and lacking in intelligence, Will correctly sees the Tea Party as a grassroots movement that is the beginning of the Country moving back to its constitutional roots.

Well ever since at about the time of the American founding, Edward Gibbon wrote “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” people have been fascinated by the threat that democracies would decay; that history would be cyclical not linear; that decay and decline was inevitable; that the seeds of destruction were in particular regimes and particularly in democracies.  And clearly the American founders worried about this.  And Lincoln worried about it at Gettysburg, that the question was “Whether we shall long endure this form of government.

“So I think that we’re in a period today comparable to the American founding period in two senses: one, we’re worried about decay — we’re worried about whether we’re squandering our legacy and whether we’re calling into question whether people can really govern themselves — but also because, and this is the heartening part of this, today as never before in my lifetime, Americans have rekindled their interest in the founding era and the founding principles.  Look at the wonderful sales of biographies of the founders: Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison.  Look at the Tea Party, which I think frankly is one of the great events of my lifetime.”

Abusive Government:

Perhaps the most significant prognostication made by Will is his belief that Americans will rebel against what he sees as an abusive federal government.

I’m quite confident that we’re going to rebel against this abusive government.  I think that, you know Winston Churchill said, ‘The American people invariably do the right thing after they have exhausted all the alternatives.’  And I think we’re beginning to get to the bottom of the list of alternatives, and to realize that arithmetic is inexorable.  You can’t make 2+2 equal 7, and sooner or later arithmetic is going to force realism upon us.”

Biggest Threats to the United States:

Will proffers the view that the greatest threats to America’s long-term success are the breakdown of the family and the Country’s use of debt to fuel this generation’s selfish needs.

The greatest threat to America today – there are two of them and they’re related: one is family disintegration, the fact that Americans’ babies are born to unmarried women.  We know the importance of a father in the home.  We know that the family is the primary transmitter of what’s called social capital, that is the habits, mores, customs, values, dispositions that make for success in a free society.  So that’s one threat to America.  The other is the simple fact that we will not live within our means.  We are piling up debts for other people to pay.  We used to borrow money for the future.  We won wars for the future.  We built roads, highways, bridges, dams, airports for the future.  Now, we’re borrowing from the future, from the rising generations in order to finance our own current consumption of government services, and that just seems to me as fundamentally and self-evidently wrong as can be.  We used to borrow money for the future.”

On Immigration:

While likely to disappoint some conservatives, Will correctly points out that this Country has and will continue to benefit from the resources brought to it by immigrants.  He therefore calls for realistically integrating the 11 million illegal aliens currently in the Country.  To that, this writer would suggest that the problem is not with the immigrants who seek a better life.  Instead, the problem is an out-of-control federal government that gives benefits to immigrants that none of our grandparents had access to nor needed.

Here’s why: there are 11 million people here illegally.  They’re not going home.  The fact that the American people would not tolerate the police measures necessary to extract these people from our communities, something like 40% have been here five years or more, large numbers have been here 10 years or more, they’ve had children here who are American citizens under the Constitution. 7 million of these people are in the workforce, performing jobs for which the market has a demand.  The American workforce as our population ages needs immigrants, needs immigration. “

Furthermore, immigration is an entrepreneurial act.  These are people who uproot themselves, take a risk, come to a strange country and a new culture and a new language in many cases to try and better themselves.  And I want this to be a continued infusion of energy into America.  And I think immigrants make wonderful patriots because they’re grateful to the country that enables them to help themselves and their families.”


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