“The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato

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2014 World Events Eerily Mimic Those of 1914

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 20, 2014

Lee sent in the email posted below that shows he is a student of history.  The issues he refers to led to the First World War and the death of millions.  That war ended with the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 during which Progressives basically re-created the map of the world, changing boundaries of many countries and creating new ones that previously did not exist.  These actions were ultimately catastrophic and led to the Second World War, a mere 20 years later, with even worse consequences for mankind.  Remarkably, Progressives are rarely blamed for the tragedy of their creation.

It is interesting to consider how history may have played out had World War I not ended with an armistice, but instead the total defeat of Germany with the victors marching through the streets of Berlin.  At the very least this would have eliminated the argument of those who sided with Hitler and other German nationalist who blamed the surrender on German minorities and traders.

Many of problems and confrontations between countries today are the result of the misplaced Progressive interventions in the world order.  While the problems of the Middle East are often presented by Progressives as merely the confrontation between Israelis and Palestinians, these two entities are but bit players in the overall problems.  The events in many Arab countries since the Arab Spring are the result of Progressive map redrawing.  The Arab Spring was but the beginning of a fragmentation and undoing of the Progressive’s interventions.  The 140,000 killed in the Syrian Civil War can be attributed to these lame interventions.

There are many parallels today to the early part of the 20th century.  Smaller groups of people are becoming nationalistic.  The world has a tyrant in Russia that is beginning to exert himself in other countries, similar to the actions of Kaiser Wilhelm.  There is a relatively new power in the Pacific, China, which is mimicking the increasing power and militarism of Japan in the early 20th century.  The English Empire was at its pinnacle, similar to the current situation of the United States.  Finally, the United States has a radically Progressive president that matches the logic of President Woodrow Wilson.  Like Wilson, Obama does not want to exert American influence on a worldwide basis, believing that somehow the goodness of man will take the place of such intervention.

A great history of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference is available in “Paris 1919: Six Months that Changed the World” by Margaret MacMillan.  It is doubtful that Barack Obama read this book.

History is a wonderful guide for problem avoidance.  Unfortunately, its message is often critical of human behavior, a reality that Progressives cannot tolerate.

Lee’s comments:

WSJ letter to Editor today is sobering.

The writer recalls why, in 1914, the progressives knew that war with Germany was impossible.  They all believed that the European economy was dependent on relationships.  Wrong.

England was the dominant power, with a web of colonies and resources that spanned the earth.  France and Germany were jealous and aggressive toward this tiny seafaring island.  One murder triggered the death of millions.  What followed created a century of conflict.  That fact that history has been kind to the progressive movement is a puzzle.  I am convinced the answer is simple.  Progressive types are convinced of their superiority and seek power because of ego.

If Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Castro, et al, had met an early death, other ego driven types would have written only a slightly different history.

Students of history understand progressive/aggressive monsters, but are powerless against their endless rants that set fire to the masses.  The silence of the American people against our current progressive tyrant is shameful.   Each outrage lowers the bar for the next lie.  Shovel ready work in 2008 is now digging the grave of our long lost Republic. 


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