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Washington Post Accuses Obama of Lying

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 26, 2014

4 PinocsThe Washington Post has once again attacked Pres. Obama’s credibility, awarding him their infamous “Four Pinocchio’s” for comment he made last week during the Democratic Governors Association dinner.  During the partisan event, Obama claimed that 7 million Americans currently have “access to health care for the first time because of Medicaid expansion.”  As the Post noted, this claim is patently false.

Each year millions go on and off Medicaid, as the Post indicated and further noted that there were approximately 6.3 million people deemed eligible for Medicaid in the last quarter of 2013, the number that probably led to Obama’s 7 million claim.  However, a substantial portion of these people were the normal Medicaid churn, having nothing to do with Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) with a Post stating:

(Obama) seems to be falling into the same trap as other Democrats, and some reporters, by assuming that everyone in the Medicaid list is getting health insurance for the first time because of the Affordable Care Act.  But that number is nowhere close to 7 million.  It could be as low as 1.1 million (Avalere) or as high as 2.6 million (Gaba.)  If one wanted to be generous, one could include people coming out of the woodwork, even though they would have been covered under the old law, but no one is really sure what that figure is.  In any case, no matter how you slice it, it does not add up to 7 million.

Is remarkable just how many outwardly false statements the President has made to the People.  The question is whether he is in fact that out of touch with reality or he is purposely lying for political gain.


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