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Detroit’s Police Chief Backs Gun Ownership

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 7, 2014

Chief CraigDetroit Police Chief is James Craig.  Earlier this year he discussed at a press conference why his position on private gun ownership has taken a 180 degree turn to pro gun ownership by private citizens.  Craig sad:

“Coming from California (28 years with the LAPD), where it takes an act of Congress to get a concealed weapon permit, I got to Maine, where they give out lots of CCWs (carrying concealed weapon permits), and I had a stack of CCW permits I was denying; that was my orientation,”  and

“I changed my orientation real quick.  Maine (Portland police department in 2009) is one of the safest places in America. Clearly, suspects knew that good Americans were armed,” and

“There’s a number of CPL (concealed pistol license) holders running around the city of Detroit.  I think it acts as a deterrent.  Good Americans with CPLs translates into crime reduction.  I learned that real quick in the state of Maine.”

In July, Craig was appointed chief of police for the city of Detroit, Michigan.  After his first year as chief, violent crime dropped 7% in Detroit compared to the previous year.  While it is not possible to conclude that Craig’s position on private gun ownership played a role in this crime drop, this skilled profession’s opinion on the issue is worthy of debate.


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