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Obama’s Poll Numbers Continue to Crash

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 29, 2013

On December 25 CNN released its latest presidential poll showing that Obama’s support continues to drop.  A major cause is the dismal failure of Obamacare’s implementation.  In the CNN poll 62% indicate that they oppose the Affordable Care Act (ACA) a.k.a. Obamacare, with only 35% supporting it.

Digging into the CNN poll numbers further indicates even more serious problems for the President and the Democrat Party.  One major constituent behind the Obama political phenomena has been women.  Even this group has now turned on the President with 60% of women surveyed oppose Obamacare and only 35% in favor of it.

In addition, 63% of the total surveyed believed healthcare cost will increase under Obamacare with only 7% expecting costs to decrease.  Given that the President and his political allies had the gall to call the program the Affordable Care Act, it is no wonder that the People are fed up with this President and do not trust him.

While both political parties have historically pandered to constituents for votes, the Democrat Party and its radical Leftist wing have in recent decades fractured America into evermore subgroups that are supposedly disadvantaged.  It then promises to correct the newly formed class’s societal caused problems with magical governmental bullets and at supposedly no-cost.

Obama Poll

Well, there is no free lunch and the artificially created subgroups are starting to learn this reality.  Unfortunately, putting the genie back in the bottle is never easy and the damage done to society by the Left’s dangerous fracturing tactic will be painful to repair.



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