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Holder Fears ‘Lone Wolf’ Terrorist

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 5, 2013

In an interview on CNN, US Attorney General Eric Holder indicated that his office’s greatest fear of terrorism comes from “lone wolf” attacks similar to the recent shootings at the Washington Naval Yard and Los Angeles International Airport.  Holder said: “I’m very concerned about individuals who get radicalized in a variety of ways, sometimes self-radicalized.”

Holder’s comments are curious on several fronts.  First, they match up well with the political correctness on terrorism that has permeated our government ever since Barack Obama’s first election.  Their narrative has been that there is more danger for the Country emanating from within, and often from the radical Right, and from radical Islam from abroad.  If this was actually the case it raises interesting questions concerning the Obama Administration’s policies relating to terrorism:

  • If most dangerous terrorists are lone wolfs emanating from within the United States, then why is Administration spending so much efforts on spying on foreign countries?
  • Why is Administration conducting drone assassinations in foreign countries?
  • Why hasn’t the Administration been able to thwart the lone wolf attacks given hundreds of billions being spent on anti-terrorism?

AG Holder’s logic is flawed.


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