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Bill Maher Calls Left on Obama’s Lie

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 2, 2013

While TV comedian/personality Bill Maher is unapologetic hard Leftist, he is honorable enough to call out fellow Progressives on blatant lies.  On Friday’s HBO’s Real Time, Maher hosted three fellow Leftists including DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz and movie director Rob Reiner.

During Friday’s discussion, not surprisingly, Maher got to the topic of disastrous implementation of Obamacare and President Obama’s lies to the American people.  An Obamacare supporter, Maher questioned whether a lie is justified, even if for a good cause.

Wasserman Schultz took umbrage and said of Obama’s broken promise that all Americans would be able to keep their insurance if they liked it: “It was not a lie, let’s just be very clear.  When the president and myself and every other Democrat talked about that if you like your health care you can keep it, that was referring to the overwhelming majority of Americans who had health care … and in fact, what the reality of Obamacare is, not only are they able to keep their health care, but it is very likely going to cost less and have better benefits.”

Maher did not leave Wasserman Schultz off the hook responding: “Some people can’t.  Come on, let’s be honest. Obamacare says basically if you have a really crappy plan, you can’t keep it. That’s the truth.  To me, that is a lie.”

A small correction to Mr. Maher’s comment; it was not merely a lie to you.  It was a lie to all Americans, one that was required to get the very controversial Obamacare legislation passed by a very narrow margin and without one single Republican vote.  It was a lie required to help Barack Obama’s election campaign for his second term.

Rob Reiner was unapologetic and spouted Leftist talking points that it doesn’t matter whether Obama lied or not and then incredibly blamed Republicans for Obamacare’s current problems.  These apologists have no shame and they have no morality.

While it is troubling that President Obama so blatantly lied about an issue as important as one that will likely lead to nationalization nationalizing the Country’s healthcare system, it is not unusual for politicians, even one that promised hope and change.  More disturbing is that so many Leftists are willing to accept a lie to further their political agenda.  This slippery slope has historically led to more troubling consequences in democracies.


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