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Games in Washington Continue

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 2, 2013

We are into the second day of the so-called government shutdown.   Both Republicans and Democrats have used the skirmish in attempt to better their political positions.  Given President Obama’s Teflon skin and cozy relationship with the mainstream media, it is reasonable to assume that Obama will benefit from what will ultimately be a meaningless battle.

After days of berating Republicans and announcing his refusal to negotiate over the budget battle, the New York Times reported that the President has invited congressional leaders to the White House to seek a resolution.  In calling the meeting, the White House said: “The president will urge the House to pass the clean C.R. to reopen the government, and call on Congress to act to raise the debt ceiling to pay the bills we have already incurred and avoid devastating consequences on our economy.” This is political gibberish.  During his first five years in office the national debt has increased by trillions.  Obama attempts to obfuscate reality by talking about bills “already incurred”.  In addition, Obama throws out the specter of “devastating consequences”.  Sooner or later this crying Wolf will lose its luster with the electorate.

Below are two sets of comments relating to the government shutdown.  The first is from a Blog reader who rightly points out the special benefits government workers receive relating to job security and time off pay.  The second is a thoughtful Tweet from former Congressman Allen West.  With tongue-in-cheek I ask both authors not to confuse with the facts.

Blog Reader – I have gone throughout my entire working career with the knowledge that I could be out of work tomorrow for any reason (And I have been on several occasions).  Therefore, my family has budgeted and saved over the years to have a safety net in place for a rainy day.  Let me preface what I am about to say by stating that the members of our military are underpaid and should continue to be paid regardless of the  budget situation.  My comments are directed toward non-military government workers.

We are now in the second day of the government shutdown and already being subjected to the steady flow of sob stories about what is to become of the poor federal workers who won’t be getting paid.  Are government workers (many of whom make significantly more than their private sector counterparts) somehow incapable of performing simple budgeting?  Why haven’t they taken the same steps as the rest of us?

By the way, the federal employees will receive their back pay once the shutdown is over as they have in the 17 shutdowns that have occurred in the past 37 years.  Who else reading this would like to get a few weeks of paid leave that doesn’t count against your vacation time?

Allen West


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