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Drug Cartels and Guns-II

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 24, 2013

Yesterday’s posting, Drug Cartels and Guns, generated an off posting interchange with this blogger included below that gets to the heart of the discussion (argument) on gun control.  A large minority in the United States believe that guns are responsible for the violent behavior of individuals that pull the trigger.  This position is proffered by politicians on the Left, including President Obama.  This argument is not backed by factual data, but instead is comfortable to some as it gives an easy explanation for the problem, offers a supposed easy cure, and allows society to avoid the more complex discussions concerning real causes behind the violent behavior of perpetrators.

The Independent Journal Review recently posted graphs with statistics of guns and violence.  A few of those graphs are included below.  Those statistics should be to part of any discussion concerning the potential efficacy of gun control to lower violent behavior.

From Brian:

How can the writer say with a straight face that the second amendment shares no blame for what is going on in Chicago?  Not that I believe that guns should necessarily be banned, but in the unrealistic scenario that they were you simply would not see that kind of death toll in places like Chicago.  With that said, since the NRA has positioned itself deep into both parties.  I fully expect nothing to change.

Enduringsense Response:

The second amendment is a right given to Americans.  Guns are a physical object. Because guns can be used as a tool of violence is not justification for eliminating rights.  If inverse logic is allowed, the government may take away any physical object that can harm others.  That is a dangerous and slippery slope.

Further, your argument has two flaws.  The number of guns in United States has grown significantly over recent decades.  However, gun violence has dropped significantly.  This indicates other issues are behind the problem of violence in our society.  Those issues are being masked by a myopic focus on a physical object, guns.  In addition, none of the gun control legislation proposed will stop the gangs and drug cartels from obtaining guns.  The only people who will comply with such laws are law-abiding citizens.

Let’s see, drugs have been illegal for a long time.  How’s that working?  It didn’t even stop the current president from admitting to doing some blow in his formative years.  In addition, the War on Drugs has increased the violence and led to the main source of funding for gangs and the cartels.

Shooting Stats1

Shooting Stats2

Shooting Stats3


Shooting Stats4

Shooting Stats5









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