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ABC News’ Jonathan Karl calls out White House Propagandists Jay Carney

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 19, 2013

President Obama and Democrats in Congress have been successful in creating the narrative that Republicans are obstructionist.  Translation; if a Republican disagrees with Obama policy they are obstructionists.  While it is correct that Republicans have acted at times with less than noble intent, obstructionism is a two-way street and Obama is a professional in its execution.

Until recently the mainstream media rarely called Obama on his highly partisan tactics.  However, this week White House propagandists-in-chief, Jay Carney, was called by ABC News’ Jonathan Karl on the President’s refusal to negotiate with Republicans over the budget/debt ceiling and their concerns about Obamacare.  The video below shows a blatant example of Obama’s refusal to negotiate with Republicans on economic issues, while being quite willing to negotiate when Russia’s Vladimir Putin and other thugs around the world on their various despicable policies.


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