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Garry Kasparov Schools Lawrence O’Donnell on Obama’s Syrian Policies

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 18, 2013

Early this week former world chess champion, Russian Gary Kasparov, was interviewed by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell.  Part of discussion revolved around President Obama’s Syrian policies with specific reference to his proclaimed “red line” that he then did not act upon.

O’Donnell, like the rest of the Leftists mainstream media, fawns over every Obama decision, even those that are dismal failures.  Kasparov proffered the opinion that Obama was wrong when he did not act on his proclaimed read line, the use of chemical weapons.  In response, O’Donnell tried to convince Kasparov that Obama actually gained a victory by stopping Syria from using chemical gas in the future.

For his dribble, Kasparov took O’Donnell to school correctly stating that Russia’s Vladimir Putin spanked Obama in the negotiations by making Syria’s Bashar al-Assad a partner in the supposed solution, rather than the war criminal he actually is.  “Putin got everything he wanted, I think even beyond his wildest expectations and Obama who once said ‘red line’ he just, in my view, is just blowing up the reputation of his office”.  Kasparov further went on to correctly state: “’Red line,’ whether it’s in Russian or English or any other language, it means that you act.  Barack Obama is the president of America and if he says ‘red line,’ he should, you know, put face value on his words.”

Gary Kasparov is not only a champion chess player.  He is also Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation and was jailed in Russia for opposing governmental policies.  As seen in the video below, he makes more sense than many of our politicians in Washington.


2 Responses to “Garry Kasparov Schools Lawrence O’Donnell on Obama’s Syrian Policies”

  1. Toruń said

    Why Garry try to be a politician, he’s just a chess player. He should disappear with good impression and leave politics.

  2. Your comment indicates that you missed the point. Politicians are supposed to work for the People, including chess players. Unfortunately, too many politicians work for their own interests and power. Too many are also responsible for human misery and wars. Maybe we should give chess players a chance to run countries. They certainly could do no worse than the politicians have done over the years.

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