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Chris Mathews Race-Baiting Meltdown

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 5, 2013

In late August the 50th anniversary celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s march on Washington DC was held in that same city.  It was a remarkable celebration of one of the most significant American events of the 20th century.  The celebration was even more meaningful given that it was crowned by a speech from Barrack Obama, the first African American president of the United States.  Certainly Dr. King’s civil rights movement was partly responsible for the Obama presidency.  Certainly the Obama presidency is one indication of just how far America has traveled in 50 years.

There are some on the Left that chose to use the MLK 50 celebration to further nefarious agendas including MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews.  Since Obama hit the national political scene Mathews has taken nearly any discussion concerning the man back to the color of his skin.  This racist tactic was not created out of stupidity, but instead in an effort to protect Obama from the tough requirement of discussing/debating issues.

The video below shows Matthews at his worst.  In this five minute rant Mathews accuses any who disagree with the President’s Leftists policies of doing so due to racist motivations.  How preposterous.  Most who oppose Obama’s policies were just as vehement in their opposition to Bill Clinton’s policies.  More recently the British and most of America’s allies have announced opposition to Obama’s plans to attack Syria.  Given Matthew’s lame logic this opposition must be racially motivated.  How about the unions’ opposition to Obamacare?  Is this motivated by racism?

50 years after MLK’s march on Washington racism remains an unfortunate part of American, but significantly lessened.  However, on the rise is an industry that makes a living on race-baiting and stoking the fires of problems that do not exists.  In the case of Mathews, not only is he paid to stoke these flames, but his tactics are used to shut down debate on issues that need discussion.


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