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Russia Thumbs its Nose at the US and Obama

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 6, 2013

We are approximately five years post Obama capturing his first nomination as the Democrat Party’s presidential candidate.  It was a remarkable rise to power after a fairly unremarkable career.  Before capturing his party’s nomination, Obama was a Community Organizer, then state senator from Illinois, and finally two years into his first stint in the U.S. Senate before being elected president.  In November 2012 President Obama was elected for a second term in office.

Irrespective of his lack of experience in business, economics or foreign policy, during his run for the presidency Obama pontificated on the subjects as if he had all of the answers.  The economy continues to be mired in the slowest recovery in modern times.  Obama’s answer to this ongoing quagmire; we need more of the same policies that his failed his administration of the country during the past four plus years.  As for the weak recovery, he accepts no responsibility but instead continues to blame his predecessor.

Obama’s record on the international front is no better than it is with the economy.  While he had no experience in international relations or foreign policy prior to becoming president, he confidently indicated he had all the answers.  Blaming his predecessor for unilateral diplomacy, Obama promised that by working with other governments America’s prestige would improve internationally and other governments would cooperate more readily with the United States.  Obama’s approach included a naïve view of the world.  Countries make decisions on policies based on their perceptions as to what is good for their particular country, not because of special relationships with other leaders.

The results of Obama’s approach to foreign policy speak for themselves.  North Korea is as belligerent as ever and has detonated additional nuclear weapons.  Iran continues down the path of seeking nuclear weapons and is not directly communicate with the Obama administration.  Is reported The Middle East is in shambles with the Arab Spring turning into a dark winter. China is reported to be the largest hacker into American computers.

The latest kick in the teeth for the President comes from Russia.  It recently announced that it is giving asylum to NSA leaker Edward Snowden.  Has the President admitted any failings in foreign policy?  Not a chance of this sign of humility from Barack Obama.  Adding insult to injury, Hillary Clinton, Obama’s partner in creating the foreign policy of his first term is likely to be the Democrat candidate for president in 2016 proving once again that competency is not a prerequisite to being President of the United States.

Snowden Granted Asylum


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