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Glenn Beck Criticizes America for Arming Syrian Rebels

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 3, 2013

This Blog has been critical of the United States and the greater world (United Nations) for allowing the carnage in Syria to occur.  It is reported that over 100,000 Syrians have died in what has become a Civil War.

Early on during the so-called “Arab Spring”, the Obama Administration through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton initially ignored what was at that time democratic protests against the dictatorship of Bashir Assad.  Before becoming Secretary of State John Kerry visited Syria on multiple occasions and expressed friendship with Assad.

Since those early days, the Administration has come to the conclusion that Assad must go, but for the most part remained passive.  More recently the Obama Administration has promised to arm the Syrian rebels.  Unfortunately what started as a democratic movement has become a Civil War with the anti-Assad forces being fragmented and made up of various groups including radical Islamic terrorists.  President Obama’s decision to arm the Syrian rebels is likely to have negative consequences similar to those that the United States encountered in Libya after Qaddafi deposed.

Bashir Assad is truly a tyrant who must go.  In the video below Glenn Beck makes a compelling argument as to why United States should not offer arms to the Syrian rebels.  Warning: This video contains very graphic material and should not be viewed by anyone with a weak stomach.


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