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AMA Now Classifies Obesity a Disease

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 24, 2013

Last week the American Medical Association (AMA) held its annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois.  According to USA Today, the AMA for the first time classified obesity, which it defines as 35 pounds over one’s healthy weight, as a disease.  This new “disease” currently covers roughly 1/3 of all Americans.  Prior to last week’s announcement, the AMA merely referred to obesity as “a major public health problem.”

burgerAfter the announcement (proclamation) was made, the Center for Human Nutrition at Washington University School of Medicine’s (St. Louis) director Samuel Klein said: “The most important aspect of the AMA decision is that the AMA is a respected representative of American medicine.  Their opinion can influence policy makers who are in a position to do more to support interventions and research to prevent and treat obesity.”  This statement is correct and carries with it unintended consequences.

Mass obesity in the United States is a recent phenomenon, only a few decades old.  This this fact points over eating and making poor food selections a choice for most people and not an inherited disorder.  Making overindulgence a disease opens the door for demands for insurance coverage and governmental benefits to pay for corrective action.  In addition, like so many other new “diseases” created in our psychobabble society, calling obesity a disease removes some personal responsibility.

Finally, the AMA and others in the medical industry are in conflict position when claiming additional human behaviors as diseases.  This industry, like the social service industry, benefit by supplying services to those who need corrective action to cure the newly defined affliction.  This accelerating slippery slope is a natural extension of the big brother government who promises to take care of all in need.


2 Responses to “AMA Now Classifies Obesity a Disease”

  1. Dan said

    Finally, an epidemic I can take part in. I for so long now have sat quietly by as millions of other Americans gourge themselves on the sweet milk of Mother Government. Perhaps my newly appointed disese can afford me that parking spot closer to the door at my favorite smorgasbord.
    I will keep my fingers crossed that my sweet tooth soon qualifies me for some Cadillac dental plan. After all, I deserve it, a victim of the evil soda companies poisoning me with all of that corn syrup.

    • smarko1 said


      I’m right behind you on this one. We need to get in on this gig before the government runs out of money.


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