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Colin Powell Satisfied with Start of Obama’s Second Term

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 29, 2013

In a recent interview on Bloomberg TV, Colin Powell was asked to rate Obama’s performance in the early months of his second term.  Powell responded calling Obama’s performance “reasonably well”, as included in the video clip below.

In justifying his positive take on Obama’s second term Powell refered to two items; the DOW (stock market) being at nearly 16,000 and the improving employment figures.  This is a sad example of rationalization.

The stock market is a bubble created by historically low and dangerous interest rate policies set by the Federal Reserve.  Using Powell’s lame logic, he would have to rate George W Bush’s second term just as positively, given the stock market’s lofty valuation until the latter part of his presidency.  In addition, the unemployment rate has mainly decreased due to workers dropping out of the workforce after being unemployed for so long.

In addition to fairytale rationalization, Colin Powell is likely feeling remorse and guilt due to his prominent role in taking America to war in Iraq during the Bush Administration.  His WMD presentation made to the United Nations was the justification used for going to war in Iraq.  His assessment was clearly dead wrong.  Instead of apologizing for his role in the mistake, Powell instead supports the President who bashes Powell’s previous boss.

Given Powell’s rationalization, it is not surprising that even with Benghazi-gate, AP-gate and IRS-gate that Obama’s approval rating remains at approximately 50%.  He is indeed the Teflon President.



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