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Anthony “Oscar Meyer” Weiner Announces Candidacy for New York’s Mayor

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 22, 2013

In the summer of 2011, New York’s Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned in disgrace for inappropriate Internet sexual banter and then lying about it.  This included sending lewd photos of himself over the Internet.  Since his resignation, Weiner has done what so many other “retired” politicians do, enriched himself as a paid Washington consultant.

anthony weinerShowing no shame, Weiner has just announced that he is running for mayor of New York City, according to the New York Times.  The announcement came via a YouTube video in which Weiner stated: “Look, I made some big mistakes, and I know I let a lot of people down.  But I’ve also learned some tough lessons.”  This meaningless dribble is merely an indication that Weiner was caught lying about his inappropriate acts.

Weiner is a typical elitist liberal who lives in luxury in a Manhattan apartment.  Like other well-to-do liberals, he attempts to cover up his wealth by supposedly championing the less fortunate.  In his YouTube video, Weiner states: “I’m running for mayor because I’ve been fighting for the middle class and those struggling to make it my entire life, and I hope I get a second chance to work for you.”  Once again he is being disingenuous.  Weiner and others like him become “public servants” as a profession and a way to better their own personal well-being.

It is remarkable that Weiner has the audacity to run for mayor of New York just two years after being publicly disgraced.  More remarkable (sad?) is that the New Yorkers are likely to give him the job.


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