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Scandals Have not Dented Obama’s Approval Rating

Posted by Steve Markowitz on May 19, 2013

A polling of the American people has just been released CNN/ORC International and includes the following findings:

  • Most Americans are seriously concerned about the scandals of that are the Benghazi consulate attack, the IRS targeting political groups, and the Justice Department subpoenaing the Associated Press phone records.
  • A majority of respondents are dissatisfied how the Obama administration has handled Benghazi.
  • A majority of respondents called the actions by the IRS and Justice Department “unacceptable”.
  • 56% of those who responded believe the Administration’s Benghazi talking points were created to mislead Americas.

buck stops hereThese findings are not surprising in light of the seriousness of the scandals.  However, in light of these findings, others included in the polling are hard to comprehend.  A majority of respondents believes the White House and President’s explanations on the scandals.  In addition, they do not believe that IRS employees targeting conservative groups are connected with anyone in the White House.

Finally, the most surprising finding was that Obama’s approval rating since the scandal has remained unchanged at 53%.  Assuming the polling is accurate, this finding is shocking.  The most favorable explanation of the President’s handling/involvement in the three scandals is that while he had nothing to do with them, he is a disconnected and incompetent leader.  The least favorable is he and/or his Administration played active roles in either the actions or their cover-ups.  Either should have led to a drop in the President’s approval rating.  The fact that they did not indicates just how disconnected so many Americans have become too reality and accountability.

America and its leaders have certainly changed from the day when Harry Truman said: “The buck stops here”.


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