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Leftists Attack Dr. Ben Carson

Posted by Steve Markowitz on April 2, 2013

The fascist side of Leftists continues showing its teeth through political correctness and outright squelching of speech that involves opposing opinions.  The most vicious attack from the Left against free speech is specifically targeted to two groups; women and African-Americans.  Both of these segments of the American society are significant supporters of Progressive agendas.  Therefore, the Left especially fears dissent from within either group as it could erode their base of power.

Dr. Ben Carson, a world-renowned surgeon and philanthropist, is now on the receiving end of Leftist vitriol.  Not surprisingly, since obtaining national stature for stating his traditional views, Carson is on the receiving end of attacks from the Left and especially from its members within the African-American community.  Typical of these attacks, he has been accused of being an Uncle Tom for daring suggest opposing solutions for Progressive government and its encroachment on society.  These attacks not only are grossly unfair to Dr. Carson, but also allow the Left to avoid discussion on the logic of Carson’s positions.

Earlier this week a discussion/debate was held on Fox News’ “Hannity” demonstrating the vitriol and illogic of the Left’s position on dissent from African-Americans.  Representing a conservative position from an African-American was Niger Innis, national spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality.  Justifying attacks on the Left was African-American attorney Leo Terrell with a video clip posted below.  The outrageous position expressed by Terrel says should scare anyone who believes in free speech and free thought.



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