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Government Thugs Invade Private House Over Child Photo With Gun

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 27, 2013

FOXNews reported on a troubling story of a home invasion by the New Jersey Welfare Agency.  On March 14 state welfare workers and police in SWAT gear arrived at the house of Shawn Moore in Carney Point, New Jersey.  The raid was reported to be the result of an anonymous contact made to the agency relating to a photograph of Shawn’s 10-year-old son, Josh, holding a 22 caliber rifle made to look like an assault rifle that he had received for his birthday.

Josh Moore & RifleThe raid on Moore’s home is troubling on various fronts.  To start with, the Government thugs did not have a search warrant that is required before they are legally allowed to enter a private citizen’s home.  Moore correctly refused to allow the search.  In addition, some of the local police that took part of the raid were aware that Moore as a member of a legal gun club.  Finally, it is possible that the anonymous call was initiated by an individual who used the current anti-gun climate to pursue a personal or political agenda.

Not surprisingly, no charges were filed against Moore since he broke no laws.  Still, this act is another demonstration of creeping governmental encroachment into private individual rights.

New Jersey governors Chris Christie has asked for an inquiry into the matter stating: “The public reports of this matter raise troubling questions concerning the facts and circumstances surrounding the investigation, the manner in which the investigation was conducted, and the procedures followed by law enforcement and the Division of Child Protection and Permanency.”

During more normal times the Left would be hollering about the government’s encroachment and home invasion that occurred in Carney Point, New Jersey.  However, with the political narrative favoring the Left they remain eerily quiet as individual rights are trampled, whether that be in a small town in New Jersey, or in foreign country at the wrong end of a drone attack.  This is a shortsighted approach.  It is hard to put that genie back in the bottle when the political winds shift.


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