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Bloomberg to Spend $12 Million Promoting Gun Control

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 23, 2013

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is at it again.  Less than three weeks after a New York appellate court found his large soda container ban illegal, Bloomberg announced his next crusade, promoting gun control.

As reported in the New York Times, billionaire Bloomberg will personally bankroll a $12 million national advertising campaign furthering his goal of more gun control.  The advertisements will target national politicians who might be vulnerable in their reelection bids.  These ads are focusing on Bloomberg’s belief in the legitimacy and necessity of more universal background checks for gun owners.

Bloomberg has made it clear that his goal is to become a counterbalancing force against the NRA saying: “The N.R.A. has just had this field to itself.  It’s the only one that’s been speaking out.  It’s time for another voice.”  However, the Mayor misses an important difference.  The NRA is a lobbying group that promotes positions of its constituents.  Bloomberg is a private citizen who happens to be very wealthy and is promoting his own personal agenda.

In Bloomberg Gunsresponding to Bloomberg’s campaign, an NRA spokesman said: “What he is going to find out is that Americans don’t want to be told by some elitist billionaire what they can eat, drink and they damn well don’t want to be told how, when and where they can protect their families.”  While many oppose at least some of the NRA’s positions, it is hard to argue with the logic of this response.

A discussion on universal background checks is a reasonable one for society to have.  However, taking an absolute position that such checks will put a dent in crimes or deaths committed with guns is a stretch.  Criminals will always find ways to obtain unregistered firearms.  In addition, by its very definition any crime is a breach of laws already on the books.  Adding a new one and expecting it to inhibit criminal behavior defies logic.  The war on drugs was launched by Pres. Nixon over 40 years ago, but has done little to stem the flow or purchase of illegal narcotics in this country.  In fact, we currently have a man who publicly admitted to breaking these drug laws that has been elected President of United States.

Guns have caused terrible carnage since their invention.  However, their greatest use in killings has occurred at the hands of governments, not by private citizen or even criminals.  Given this it should not be surprising that many fear a government taking guns or their rights from citizens.  Below is a video being circulated that emphasizes this most dangerous usage of guns throughout history.  While this Blog cannot vouch for the actual numbers, the logic is an arguable.


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