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Obama’s Children’s Vaccine Lie Relating to Sequestration

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 9, 2013

One of the many sky-is falling-claims made by the Administration was a letter  it circulated claiming that the cuts would result in 2,050 fewer Maryland children receiving their vaccinations.  Maryland’s Rep. Andy Harris took the Administration to task for this false claim during a congressional hearing with CDC director Dr. Frieden.

After Frieden avoided answering questions relating to the CDC’s input into the White House claims/letter, Harris, also a Medical doctor, went for the jugular.  Representative Harris got the CDC director to agree that Obama’s proposed budget cuts would actually have resulted in twice the amount of funds being reduced for the CDC’s vaccination program than sequestration.  When asked if that meant that twice the number of Maryland children would have lost their vaccinations under Obama’s budget, CDC director Harris did the typical political two-step.  The video link below shows how disingenuous the Obama Administration has been concerning sequestration.



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