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Obama’s False Claims on Sequestration

Posted by Steve Markowitz on March 4, 2013

One of President Obama’s most often used dirty tricks is the claim impending crisis and disasters that will occur should his policies not be implemented.  He has often gotten by without having his thesis tested since implementation of most of his desired policies has blocked the ultimate test. The bus seems to have stopped on the issue as sequestration.

In the recent days leading up to sequestration; i.e. the forced federal government spending cuts of $85 billion, the President and his associates claimed all sorts a catastrophes to come should sequestration be implemented.  This morning the Country woke and found that the world did not end.  In fact, the stock market went in the positive direction.

There is no better example of the false statements and facts proffered by Obama than one he was taken to task by CNN reporter Dana Bash.  In his Friday press conference, Obama claimed: “They’re going to have less pay, the [Capitol Hill] janitors, the security guards.  They just got a pay cut.”  This is the typical tear-jerking claims of the Administration.  But it was false.

Ms. Bash, doing the job of a real investigative reporter, went directly to the Senate’s Sergeant-at-Arms who indicated that there would be no pay cut for the workers in question, merely a limit on the amount of overtime paid.  Obama’s false claim was taken to task by others in the media including the Washington Post and This Week’s George Stephanopoulos who said: “And at least twice this week the administration got caught exaggerating the impact.  The President claimed the Capitol janitors are going to get a pay cut.  The architect of the Capitol denied that.  He said it was premature at best.”

Mr. Stephanopoulos is having difficulty calling the President’s lie for what it was.  This president has been misrepresenting facts to the American people for over four years and has rarely been called on them.  We are beginning to see some in the mainstream media tiring of his looseness with facts.  Increasing pressure from the press will likely make the least transparent president in modern times even less transparent.  Look for the President to create a bunker like mentality in the White House as the press gets more aggressive.


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